In recent weeks the official Twitter client has really gotten on the ball with new features, be they temporary or in test mode such as the ability to read the most relevant tweets from when you were offline or permanent such as the ones that arrived in the latest version, (5.43 on Android): the options to integrate videos directly into your messages and to send private group messages.

The first time you go into the app after updating it you’ll see several messages to guide you through the new changes. When you go to post a new tweet and press the button to attach a multimedia file, you’ll have the option to take photos directly without leaving the app, as well as take a video and crop it down to the part that interests you to post it right then and there, such that it directly integrates into your timeline to play there.


In the case of group chats, you just have to do just as you would if you were DMing a particular user, and you’ll find the option to include several recipients, who can all respond dynamically. This gives the app a much-needed dimension that’s been a long time coming, and could well breathe new life into the microblogging service and even serve as a functional IM service that bridges the distance between other, more specialized apps.


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