Not many days ago, rumors started spreading about an online music service that Twitter was developing. The access page is now available, although the complete website has only been opened up to a handful of famous artists so they can test out the service. With this new service, you can see what music your friends are listening to, receive personalized recommendations, and, of course, purchase and connect to songs from the most popular music services – all this integrated into your Twitter account.


From what we’ve seen, the service will consist of four tabs, one called “Suggested,” for recommendations based on the artists you follow, those your followers follow, created from a complex recommendations algorithm. Another tab is called “#NowPlaying,” where you’ll find links to the songs that those you follow are sharing, or those who use the hashtag that the tab’s name is taken from. The third tab is called “Popular,” which is self-explanatory. Last but not least, the “Emerging” tab covers new artists and emerging bands.

Besides the advertising for the select group of artists selected by Twitter, other details have been leaked that are easy to discover if you look at the page’s code on your web browser. The web designer Youssef Sarhan published a few days ago some images on his blog and on his Twitter account, where he says that there will be both a web app and a smartphone version, and will integrate services such as YouTube and Vevo, an option for purchasing songs, or look them up on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Rdio.

Could Twitter Music be a new giant in the music industry, just as Myspace was in its day? The final release for the rest of us mortals is supposed to be by the end of next week. Keep your eyes glued to your screens, folks, and pump up the volume on your speakers.

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