Twitter’s 140-character limit has also been a thorny issue. Conciseness and minimalism have always been the hallmarks of a social network whose growth has stagnated, so distorting its original idea by expanding the max size of tweets might not be the best move. In any case, the change that’s just been made doesn’t exactly go that far: Now the characters reserved for the link when you add an image or video to your tweets have been removed. This means you still get your full 140 characters regardless of what you attach to your tweet.


Up till now when you attached an image or an animated GIF, 24 characters were automatically reserved, leaving you with just 116 characters to use in the tweet itself. From now on we tweeters will get those 24 characters back. The change has been partially rolled out this Tuesday and should reach all users over the coming days.

This is the first limit to be removed of those laid out by Todd Sherman a few months back. Coming months will bring the removal of other limits like character counts for mentions preceded by @, an endemic evil on Twitter when convos get out of hand and tweets end up as nothing more than a carousel of mentions more than actual contributions to the thread.


  1. […] Twitter’s 140-character restrict has additionally been a thorny challenge. Conciseness and minimalism have all the time been the hallmarks of a social community whose progress has stagnated, so distorting its unique concept by increasing the max measurement of tweets won’t be one of the best transfer. In any case, the change that is simply been made does not precisely go that far: Now the characters reserved for the hyperlink once you add a picture or video to your tweets have been eliminated. This implies you nonetheless get your full 140 characters no matter what you connect to your tweet. Read more […]


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