Anonymous sources involved in the project told the Bloomberg media corporation that Twitter is working on its own music playback and distribution service, initially aimed towards Apple platforms. The project is being carried out in conjunction with SoundCloud, the famous online audio platform, and hopes to be the next step in the expansion that Twitter has been carrying out in recent months.

Twitter music

Logically, this evolutionary step is to get more users to engage in its services, having centralized features in its recent projects, from purchasing its closest competitor Tweetdeck in 2011, to the most recent launch of Vine, its own service for video recording and playback, and even its acquisition last year of the company We Are Hunted, a startup that specializes in developing musical content.

SoundCloud allows music creators to upload their work and then share it both on the website itself and on the most popular social networks by embedding the song’s code on sites like Facebook and even Twitter itself. Its open API allows users to integrate the content they publish on all different kinds of apps, such as Foursquare and Songkick. This movement would directly integrate all the content and features on the social network, making use of its enormous presence and ability for growth.

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