The latest update of the official Twitter client for iOS and Android has delivered a series of improvements in many different aspects. Now there are new options to customize your searches, and the “Discover” section has been been totally redesigned with a new Trends timeline to view and look up hashtags and Trending Topics.

Now you can do much more detailed searches thanks to a series of filters, with the options to show just photos, videos, news, or people, as well as to limit your search to your contacts or to people in a particular geographic area.Twitter Update

The “Discover” section now shows a completely different interface where you can see the exact number of mentions of a Trending topic. By accessing the “Trends” subsection you can see trends listed and follow each of them individually or do a detailed search to see the most relevant tweets on each topic.

All these features also come with several fixes to the navigation menus, with a few minor changes. Twitter clearly seems set to keep pushing ahead with transformations to its service, seeking to balance clarity and the versatility that third-party applications offer. In the latter category belong its recent moves to create custom timelines and allow users to send private messages to people that they don’t follow (although this feature has since been disabled).


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