Until today, to be able to send a direct message to another person on Twitter, you had to follow them on your user account, thus avoiding the possibility of receiving messages from people you don’t know. From now on, that will no longer be the case, since the microblogging network is to let you enable to option to receive direct messages from any users, whether you follow them or not.


Progressively, starting this week, users will be able to find a new box in their account configuration panels ticked by default to activate this new feature. The box offers details on how it works, meaning that from now on you won’t have to turn to the classic line: “Follow me, I want to send you a DM.”

This new measure is added to the huge quantity of features that Twitter has been releasing over the past few weeks, which run the gamut from the announcement of a new functionality to access TV programs from the platform itself to business maneuvers such as its imminent initial public offering on Wall Street.

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