The end of the world as we know is just around the corner. For some people it’s a betrayal of their roots, for others a liberation when posting the intricacies of their online monologues, but the news is out that Twitter is testing the use of unrestricted 280-character tweets. Although it still hasn’t been confirmed that this is an immediate change, several influential accounts are already using it and giving us an idea of the repercussions the change could have.

twitter caracteres featured Twitter is now testing 280-character tweets on some accounts

As they explain in a post on the official Twitter blog, each language requires a different average number of characters to express the same idea. The average number of characters of a tweet written in Japanese is just 15, while some 9% of tweets written in English use all 140 characters. With this fact in mind, it appears that the character increase will roll out in all languages except Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

twitter caracteres numero Twitter is now testing 280-character tweets on some accounts

The new format keeps the same tweet structure in terms of not adding characters for links, photos, and Twitter handles in a post. Here are a few examples of accounts that the change has rolled out to in the past few hours.

If Twitter was already getting distorted with every new update, this novelty might be the last step toward its final conversion. Tweets with images get 18% more clicks, not to mention the integration of GIFs and the removal of characters for added multimedia content. The identity of each social network ends up getting mixed up with its counterparts until they all do the same thing. More Twitter characters? The pumped-up microblog has already existed for more than a decade. Come back, blogs!


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