Twitch hasn’t gotten its feathers too ruffled in the face of YouTube Gaming’s gambits into its territory. Instead, to reinforce its dominance, it’s made a massive announcement that enormously expands the live-stream site’s possibilities. From here on out it will be possible to locally download your past streams to edit or post elsewhere. And most importantly, content creators can upload prerecorded videos, and even notify followers that new content has been posted to their channels.


This feature is available for all Twitch users as of Monday. Just check out the Video Manager section to find the new options. In the Past Broadcasts tab there’s a new button to download your videos locally, and in Uploads an option to easily add your prerecorded content. Best of all, there are no space limits on how much video you can save to Twitch’s online servers.

With these new features, content creation on Twitch has hugely expanded its frontiers. It currently has more than 8.5 million active daily users, whose primary virtue is that they stay twice as long as the average YouTube visitor. With these new additions and the growth of the platform with initiatives like the ‘Creative’ section (where content creators offer live broadcasts of stuff besides gaming – speed painting, or technical tutorials, for example) Twitch has consolidated its status as one of the best broadcasting platforms.

More information | Twitch Blog



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