Streaming games has become synonymous with Twitch, the most important live streaming channel that’s gradually been updating and upgrading its service since it was acquired by Amazon three years ago. These small upgrades have been adding features to Twitch bit by bit but the latest novelty is a pretty big deal: a new social feature called Pulse.

Twitch Pulse

Pulse is probably the most powerful upgrade to Twitch so far – it changes the way you communicate on the site. This new tool makes Twitch a social network that connects streamers and their followers in a better way than ever. Pulse is a news feed that works similar to Facebook or Twitter: streamers can now create updates that followers can leave comments and emojis on. And you don’t have to be broadcasting live to post them – meaning it’s looking like Twitch aims to breathe new life into its web community.

Twitch Pulse

The posts can be more than just original videos: you can share links, text, (YouTube and Vimeo) videos, and (Imgur, Gfycat) images. I mean, let’s just call it like we see it: a proper social network. A common space to view content updates from the streamers you follow. Plus people who follow you can react with tons of different emojis instead of the standard “Likes” that we’ve contented ourselves with for so long on sites like Facebook.

This new feature is rolling out to all profiles bit by bit – and in the app too. It’s still very soon to predict what kind of impact this addition will make but our bets are on it revolutionizing Twitch’s social component.

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