For many, Twitter isn’t doing very well in terms of how they’ve chosen to manage Tweetdeck. Even more so after having withdrawn support for many if its features. Take their native desktop client as an example, it just stopped working on April 15th. Tweeten is an alternative Twitter client that offers exactly the same features as the original that it’s based on, including some major aesthetic improvements. Adding on new functions, it’s also available as a browser extension or as a native client for Windows.

Log in using the same credentials as Tweetdeck, so all of your settings, including your columns and personal searches will automatically load. In fact, if you change anything on Tweeten and go back to Tweetdeck, the adjustments you made will load on there, too. You’ll still find practically all of the software features that it’s based on, along with some very attractive improvements. Stemming from the original, the developers at Tweeten add user-demanded features with every updated version.


The latest updates for the (still) beta include the option to minimize task bars on the Windows version, along with an enhanced interface that improves search windows and scroll bars. Tweeten is now available as a Windows desktop client, as well as on OS X and as an extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

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