It’s not the first time, nor will it be the last, that we praise a game made by Nitrome, and Turn Undead is definitely deserving of praise. It’s a platforming and puzzle game in which you embody a vampire hunter tasked with surviving until dawn. As usual in the genre, things aren’t always as they seem. It’s truly a great game for your tablet or smart phone, and you can download it now from Uptodown region free.

Turn Undead

It can be difficult to break the mold in games like this, but Nitrome makes it look easy. When thinking of surviving vampires and other evil monsters, puzzle games are probably one of the last things that come to mind. However, Nitrome pulls it off spectacularly in this mind blowing game disguised as an action platformer. A turn based action platformer. The main character must pass each screen by jumping and using his infinite stake guns, although not in the way you imagine.

Turn Undead

Each screen in Turn Undead is quite short, but the difficulty ramps up quickly. As soon as you start using your stake guns to dispose of vampires, you discover that they can also be used to make platforms on walls. That’s how quickly the game elements are introduced. Vampires aren’t the only baddies that stand in your path, as other enemies gradually make their entrance, each with their own unique mechanics. For example, zombies move twice per turn and revive shortly after being dispatched with a stake, and werewolves move even faster. Your adaptation to their movements is key to success in this brilliant game.

Turn Undead

Turn Undead is just the latest example of how Nitrome knows the ins and outs of video games and how to topple their conventions. This game is perfect for retro game lovers, thanks to its pixel graphics and a soundtrack that will transport you back to the days of 16 bits.

Turn Undead for Android in Uptodown [APK] | Download



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