Tons of smartphone games out there betray a heavy influence from titles developed for PC or consoles. While often being “influenced” actually means something more like “copied and pasted,” the truth is that many of these games are made with a lot of love. They may not be super innovative but at least they manage to convey the essence of games that would otherwise never make it to your smartphone screen. A good example is the recent Turbo League, which takes seeds of inspiration from the popular Rocket League and brings it to the Android ecosystem. And the result could not be better.

Turbo League

Few would have imagined that one of the most played games for the last two years running would be a sort of sports title where six cars in two teams face off in a soccer match. The apparent simplicity of Rocket League makes for instant fun and has won over millions and millions of players. Turbo League tried to pack all the juice of the original title onto smartphones and tablets – a mission that’s harder than it looks at first, and one that’s been tried by similar games before. Soooo… what makes Turbo League special? And that, at least, is easier to explain: it keeps the same gameplay as its parent title. That’s it.

Turbo League flows brilliantly even with its high-impact graphics. This shouldn’t be surprising but it’s still a point in favor of this adaptation. My biggest fear before trying it out was the gameplay. I was worried about the controls being rough and the buttons taking up the whole screen, but luckily I was wrong. The virtual buttons don’t interfere with visibility, with the direction and jump buttons on the left and the accelerate, reverse, and turbo buttons on the right.

Turbo League

The title lets you play alone against bots or practice on the pitch, but the cool part is the online mode: three-on-three rounds where you’ll need a more or less stable connection to be able to perform to the max. It might be tiresome to keep comparing this game with Rocket League, but it helps make clear how good this Android title really is. The multiplayer mode works just as well as on the PS4 and PC title. The games are intense, fun, and have a wild component that often makes the ball end up in places you wouldn’t expect.

Turbo League

Turbo League is a synonym for adrenaline and fun. Definitely the closest translation of Rocket League to be found on Android. This free version lets you customize your cars or play alongside your friends thanks to a system to invite players to matches. Sure to keep you glued to your screen for game after game.

Turbo League for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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