Playing a game that simulates your everyday activities might seem rather absurd. Why invest hours in a simulation of baking cakes when you can make one in real life, and then eat it, too? Nevertheless, this is the premise that TubeStar takes to extremes: in this free game for Windows, you are a YouTuber trying to become a media star by creating videos and uploading them to your fake channel.

The game has you use your daily free time on tasks related to your passion for uploading videos, such that you can invest time in recording or editing them or even in taking courses to improve the quality of your recordings. If your channel starts bringing in visitors, you’ll start getting ad revenue that you can reinvest in a more modern camera or a professional editing suite.


The secret lies in selecting a name and style or genre for your video when you create it, automatically generating a preview image extracted from YouTube based on the keywords you put in. So if, for example, you call your video ‘Cute cats jumping around the garden’, you’ll get an image very similar to the video’s supposed content.

Once you invest your time, you can speed up time to check your results to see how many people have viewed each of your videos. In addition, random things will happen every day that will alter the game’s cycle, such as a reward for winning the ‘Mr. Sexy YouTuber’ contest or a reduction in your working hours due to having to pray for an hour every day to an alien race that has conquered the Earth (no joke).



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