The sequel to the world’s most popular trivia game is here: Trivia Crack 2

Trivia Crack is back with this sequel that promises more excitement, more game modes, and a totally new look.

The best trivia game is back: Trivia Crack 2 is the direct sequel to one of the most popular question and answer games on mobile devices. The game’s here with a new installment that revamps the well-known game’s interface and offers some new features that we can’t ignore. And you can download it right now from Uptodown without any geographic restrictions.

Preguntados 2

It’s hard to find anyone who’s never heard of Trivia Crack. This multiplayer trivia game is one of the most played games on mobile devices all around the world. And there’s a good reason the game rakes in downloads wherever it goes. After five years in existence, Etermax has decided to release a sequel that brings us even more questions to answer until the end of time. 

Preguntados 2

Thebasic gameplay in Trivia Crack 2 hasn’t changed from the original: you have to respond to questions by turns, until you or your opponent makes a mistake. The format of the questions is also the same, having you choose from four possible answers to the question. There’s a variety of questions divided into different categories: art, science, history, entertainment, sports, and geography. There are questions for all levels and the game also includes questions created by users.

Preguntados 2

The thrill of climbing the world rankings is one of the joys that Trivia Crack 2 offers. But that’s not the only thing you can do; this new installment also offers the possibility to create teams and to collect characters that you can add to your collection. These new additions don’t exactly revolutionize this format, but they do add a new layer to a great game that didn’t really need too many improvements to begin with. We don’t know if the other trivia apps like HQ Trivia are going to follow suit, but we’re definitely going to enjoy this updated app just as much as or more than the original Trivia Crack.

Trivia Crack 2 for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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