The behemoth that is Google is always looking for new ways to make using an Android better and rolling out new apps to help do it. Triangle: More Mobile Data is one of the latest such tools and lets you keep a handle on your mobile data usage and even set limits on how many megas you can use. The app has just soft-launched in the Philippines, but we’ve got it for you here to download and install from Uptodown with no geographic restrictions.

Triangle Google

I’ve been using this app for a few weeks and the truth is that the Google tool does its job very well and also very simply. It’s quite a direct app where you can do basically two different things: check how much mobile data your apps are using and restrict their data use if it’s getting out of hand. This could be a lifesaver for anybody with a small data allowance.

The main appeal of Triangle over similar apps is its tremendous simplicity. One screen shows all the info you need and from there you can also use the Data Saver feature to block data consumption of your various apps after a certain amount of time. The sole “but” is that some development is still needed on the features for users outside the Philippines. It’s an app that has yet to officially roll out in the rest of the world, hence why you can’t use some of the features that let you get extra data, which will depend on which carrier you use.

Triangle Google

Triangle is a small app from Google that should massively help you manage and save on mobile data use if what you’re looking for is something simple and fast. A nice tool to better manage what you’re using and keep things from getting out of hand.

Triangle: More Mobile Data for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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