The top 10 Android games of the month [June 2019]

This month's top 10 is packed full of all sorts of Asian RPGs and so much more.

It’s time to look back on the month and take an inventory of all the great new games we’ve seen in June. This time, our summary of the best games of the month is packed with Asian RPGs in their different forms, and you’ll also find huge releases (final or temporary) like the MOBA MARVEL Super War and the Lite version of Cyber Hunter. Read on to find out more.

Mobile Legends: Adventure

The MOBA Mobile Legends is an institution in Asian countries where it’s rubbed elbows with the big names from eSports in its field. It’s been so successful that it’s led to this spin-off, an IDLE RPG. You know, one of those games that lets you sit back and watch, while not doing much. It’s your job to choose a balanced rank of heroes to win the combats you’re faced with. [Download]

Crasher: Origin

It’s hard to stand out in a subgenre that’s as packed as the Asian MMORPG subgenre. Crasher: Origin could pass as just another game if it it weren’t for one feature that catches our eye: the game develops with the device held vertically, letting you play with just one hand, especially thanks to the automation these games are known for. No one on the bus will ever suspect what you’re actually doing on your smartphone…[Download]

Astral Chronicles

We continue with the Asian RPGs (there’s plenty to go around this month). Astral Chronicles has enormous production values for being a semiautomatic RPG with gacha-system collecting. Special mention goes to its system for releasing special abilities by “drawing” figures on the screen with your finger. [Download]

World of Kings

Even though Blizzard announced a few months ago that they were working on a videogame for mobile devices set in the Warcraft universe, it’s unlikely that we’ll see anything even similar to their MMORGP on Android. With this untapped treasure, it’s normal to see gems like World of Kings come into existence. It clones the game both on a visual and development level to the point that even the regular visitors to the kingdom of Azeroth will feel at home. [Download]

HELI 100

There are certain arcade concepts that are a step above the rest. It’s not so easy to create a game that’s simple, easy to control, and attractive. Well, HELI 100 passes this test with flying colors, and even gets extra credit considering how close it is to the shoot’em up genre. [Download]

Cyber Hunter Lite

Few Battle Royales have been able to compete with the untouchable PUBG Mobile and Fortnite this year. Cyber Hunter is one of them, so the release of its Lite version for lower-range devices is a real gift for anyone who hasn’t been able to try it out yet. [Download]

Wild Bullets

Pixel art, the Wild West, and touches of roguelike gameplay. With a resume like this, it’s hard not to include Wild Bullets on our list. Its controls may seem simple, but it has much more substance than what first meets the eye. Once again we see that not just any developer can create a good game design and a solid gameplay. [Download]

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

The game based on the great anime from Nakaba Suzuki is easy on the eyes, that’s for sure. But beyond its graphics, we’re talking about a fantastic RPG with turn-based combats that mixes with gameplay from collectible card games. Without intending to make it habit, we recommend this game even though it’s in Japanese. [Download]

MARVEL Super War

This just may be THE game of the month. This MOBA, featuring characters from the Marvel universe, finished up its beta phase in the middle of this month, but its had such an impact that now the entire world is looking forward to its global release. We won’t take our eye off of this one, that’s for sure. [Download]


The crown jewel in terms of MMOs released this month is OverHit. Although it’s been with us for months now, its final version wasn’t released for the international market until now. Get ready for beautiful graphics, charismatic characters, and fun gameplay. If you’re looking for a good RPG for Android, this is it. [Download]



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