One of our most celebrated posts was a list of games for Android that don’t require an Internet connection. Given the enthusiasm received, we created a new list. This time, we offer you 30 free videogames for smartphones that can be played offline.

Offline games

Fighting EX Layer Alpha

Does anyone remember Street Fighter EX? That’s right, we’re talking about the spin-off of the popular fighting game that included the Capcom fighters such as the charismatic Skullomania. The game dusts off those forgotten Arika Studio characters. [Download]

Fighting EX layer juego offline

Grand Mountain Adventure

A ski game can be super fun if it’s done correctly. Grand Mountain Adventure challenges you to ski down different snowed hills while you view your character from the distance. It’s best to view the overall landscape. [Download]

The Walking Zombie 2

The low-poly aesthetic is definitely a trend and it fits perfectly with any genre such as this first-person action survival adventure. This time, you’ll have to survive inside forests that are packed-full of zombies while you also upgrade your team and chat with other survivors.  [Download]


While you patiently wait for the newest installment of the Diablo saga for smartphones, you can access other alternatives such as Powerlust. This is a dungeon crawler that challenges you to go through dungeons and dark caves forgetting all about your carpal tunnel while you destroy your enemies. [Download]

Powderlust juegos offline

Transformers Blumblebee

Any game that’s related in the slightest with Autobots and Decepticons are eye-catching for any experienced player. This time, you get to control Bumblebee, which is none other than Optimus Prime’s sidekick. Definitely a super entertaining driving arcade. [Download]

transformers bumblebee screenshots 30 free games for Android released in 2019 that don’t require an Internet connection

Underground 2077

The book Metro 2033 and its sequels have definitely been breeding grounds for an amazing videogame saga. Underground 2077 is inspired by that setting: monsters and armed groups walking around underground tunnels among mutant creatures. Who could resist? [Download]

Underground 2077 offline juegos

Best Fiends

Match-3 games don’t go out of style. Best Fiends is one of the latest successful games that stand under the shadow of the untouchable Candy Crush. Except, this time your matches will help your team of bugs to destroy the evil slugs. Ideal for the little ones. [Download]

best fiends offline juegos 30 free games for Android released in 2019 that don’t require an Internet connection

Dead Rain 2

An interesting combination of action and platforms that includes an entertaining gameplay, a dark and interesting setting, and great low-poly visuals. Oh, and let’s not forget the zombies. There are a bunch of zombies. [Download]

Dead Rain 2 Tree Virus

Cat Condo 2

For most people, looking at a cat sends their cuteness meter flying through the roof. Cat Condo 2 is a minigame that invites you to take care of your kittens while you match them in pairs in order to unlock new species. The best part is that you don’t have to clean up after them!  [Download]

Cat Condo 2

Fishing Life

Fishing is a super relaxing hobby and that’s exactly the idea behind Fishing Life. Imagine you leave your job, you rent a boat and you go fishing at sunset. You’ll be in a relaxing bubble during your stressful days.  [Download]

Cosmos Quest

Camouflaged as a clicker, Cosmos Quest challenges you to create a thriving civilization starting in the primal stages when you’ll have to face rival tribes and make sure that you level up your heroes. Its pixel-art aesthetics will delight any veteran player.  [Download]

Cosmos Quest juegos offline

After Burner Climax

After Burner is one of the most iconic SEGA games and it’s had many sequels throughout the years. Climax is one of the latest ones and it is now available for your smartphone thanks to the incredible SEGAforever initiative.  [Download]

after burner climax 30 free games for Android released in 2019 that don’t require an Internet connection

Snow Kids

The Neutronized studio develops smartphone games that could very well be incredible 8 and 16-bit console games. Snow Kids is an adorable winter platform game that you shouldn’t pass up if you’re into retro gaming.  [Download]

snow kids screenshot 3 30 free games for Android released in 2019 that don’t require an Internet connection

Guildmaster Story

Puzzle games don’t have to be limited to a sequence of levels that are packed full of colorful gemstones. Guildmaster Story is much more than that. It criticizes capitalism with a good sense of humor. This time, you’ll get to turn into an entrepreneur who must pave the way for your business. Like you would in real life. [Download]

guildmaster legends offline 30 free games for Android released in 2019 that don’t require an Internet connection

Spicy Piggy

Nitrome is an expert when it comes to pixel art and a true wizard when it comes to creating good arcades. This time, you get to control a little pig that’s obsessed with spicy peppers. A perfect excuse to complete 2D levels that are packed full of traps and enemies. That’s right, it’s a lot like Super Meat Boy. [Download]

spicy piggy screenshot 1 30 free games for Android released in 2019 that don’t require an Internet connection


It’s not easy to transfer such a profound experience like the one that the Civilization saga offers into smartphones and make sure that the essence remains intact.  Against all odds, Hexonia did just that by offering long rounds over hexagonal spaces that’ll have all the players saying “just one more round”. [Download]

hexonia android5 30 free games for Android released in 2019 that don’t require an Internet connection


Life’s too short and Bitlife is a tool that simulates the passing of time incredibly quickly. In just over five minutes, you’ll have to make the most important decisions of your life and see how, sometimes, fate trumps all our conscious decisions. [Download]

bitlife android 1 30 free games for Android released in 2019 that don’t require an Internet connection

Flip Runner

A good game that simulates real physics should make sure that it physically hurts you when one of the virtual characters falls flat on the ground. Flip Runner challenges you to jump from high above and perform sleek flips to land on your feet. We assure you that it’s not as easy as it may sound. [Download]

Flip Runner Juegos Offline

The Bonfire

Surprise, Surprise! a real-time strategy-based game that has nothing to do with the Clash Royale/ Clash of Clans formula. The Bonfire challenges you to thrive in your village by collecting resources. Plus, it includes 2D visuals so it’s really easy to play with your smartphone. [Download]

Farm Punks

Sometimes, what you actually want to play is a refreshing skill-based game and there’s nothing more refreshing than a smiling piece of fruit that’s rolling down a hill. All you have to do is use your screen to direct your fruit or vegetable on its way to the market. [Download]

farm punks juegos offline 30 free games for Android released in 2019 that don’t require an Internet connection

Aldarix the Battlemage

Although this genre is misunderstood, we love roguelikes. Aldarix is not as exasperating as other classics in this genre but it’s just as charming. You need to escape from a dungeon while you destroy your enemies and collect items. Those pixelated visuals can make anyone fall in love. [Download]

Wild Bullets

The wild west can have attractive elements. Wild Bullets challenges you to advance using a grid inside settings that are packed-full of enemies where you’ll have to test your skills against pixelated bandits. [Download]

Wild Bullets juegos offline

Jetpack Jump

A jetpack, rough polygons inspired by Minecraft and a really simple gameplay. Uncomplicated formulas succeed just like millions of Jetpack Jump downloads this year prove. [Download]


Kick the buddy: forever

The masochism associated with the Kick the Buddy saga reaches unsuspected limits in its latest installment. With increasingly fanciful torture methods, this game is totally freeing because it focuses all the action on kicking toys until you destroy them. Call it sadism but for kids. [Download]

Kick the Buddy Forever juegos offline

Crowd City

Quite a peculiar .IO. This time, your challenge is to gather a street crowd that must be greater than the number of rivals that you might encounter on the street. Otherwise, your teammates will be devoured by the other team. [Download]

Crowd City juegos offline

House Paint

Perfect geometric shapes, flat paintings, and straight lines. An ideal game for those with an unruly case of OCD or a true passion for organization and minimalism. A couple of rounds of House Paint, a little ASMR and you’ll be ready for bed. [Download]

House Paint Juegos Offline

Stack Ball 3D

Vodoo and Ketchapp set precedence when it comes to making all kinds of skill-based games with 3D minimalist geometric shapes and one-button mechanics. Stack Ball 3D is a runner for one of the most downloads games of the year. [Download]

Stack Ball 3D juegos offline

Pew Paw


An old-school arcade that challenges you to get rid of the mobs of zombies inside post-apocalyptic settings. Although this time you’ll be using a virtual stick and the game has 2D visuals, everything else has a pretty old-school vibe. [Download]

Pew Paw Juegos Offline

Dumb Ways to Draw

Dumb Ways to Die is one of the most beloved minigame sagas for smartphones. This spin-off focuses on creating elements around the setting by drawing them directly on the screen. Nevertheless, regardless of how much you want to keep the integrity of the protagonists, it never ends well for these monsters. [Download]

Castle Wreck

The most entertaining part of creating a castle with cards or domino pieces is destroying it. With that idea in mind, Castle Wreck invites you to shoot different buildings with a canon to see how their bricks go flying through the sky on impact. A super liberating experience. [Download]

Castle Wreck juegos offline

Color Hole

A simple minigame that’s based on the very first skill-based board game. Surely any 80s kid will recognize this formula. Basically, you have to put the pieces inside a hole by moving the surface where all the elements are located. As you probably know, it’s a lot harder than it may seem. [Download]

Color Hole Juegos Offline


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