The top 10 MMORPGs available on Android

We've selected ten of the best MMORPGs for Android that have successfully transferred the full experience to mobile devices.

A few years ago, no one could have imagined that the elaborate MMORPG genre would have a second life on mobile devices. We’re not exactly talking about short rounds and simple interfaces, but quite the opposite instead. Thanks in part to the automation of the tiresome tasks they involve, massively multiplayer online role-playing games continue to be more popular than ever. We’ve selected the 10 best MMORPGs available on Android. It’s time to get grinding!

MU Origin

The mobile version of the successful MU Online for PC has been one of the big names to arrive to the party. Following the gameplay of Asian MMOs to a T, MU Origin embraces the Freemium strategy to integrate it in this hybrid that’s almost more like the hack & slash from the Diablo saga than an MMORPG. [Download]

mu origin

Taichi Panda 3

The first two installments in the Taichi Panda saga were fun 3D action games, but with the third part, they’ve expanded their horizons to offer an open world plagued with tasks to complete. With a distinct humorous tone and a special focus on the use of mounts (to the point of being able to have air combats), Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter is sure to please both fans of Chinese mythology and Kung Fu Panda equally. [Download]

taichi panda 3

Rise of Ragnarok – Asunder

We could almost consider Rise of Ragnarok the bastard son of the Diablo saga more than an MMOs exactly, but as we’ve observed in precious examples, the crossbreeding of genres is a constant when it comes to transferring the experience to the small screens. The mixture also includes its setting, being a huge mix of Egyptian, Nordic, and Greek mythology. And of course, you have the usual: PvP, guilds, mounts, trades, and all the other typical amenities you’d expect. [Download]

Rise of Ragnarok

Blade & Wings

We were going back and forth with this one, but there’s no other choice: Blade & Wings is an MMOPRG with an anime look in every sense of the word. That is, voluptuous and powerful young heroines with enormous swords, accompanied by talkative and adorable raccoons. If this, along with random grinding sounds like it’s right up your alley, then you’ll love this game. [Download]

Blade & Wings

Dead Rivals

The latest from Gameloft isn’t purely an MMORPG, but it includes enough mechanics to be considered one. It’s an action game with zombies thrown in for good measure, and plenty of visual similarities to the successful Fortnite, along with a system of missions spread throughout common areas. And needless to say, the production values are at the same level that the studio has been showing us for the last few years. It definitely deserves to be on this list. [Download]

Dead Rivals

Final Fantasy Awakening

It was impossible to not add at least one Final Fantasy title to this list, considering just how many games from the franchise exist on Android. Awakening is the sequel of Type-0 from PSP, set in the Nebula Chrisallys saga, that also forms part of Final Fantasy XIII. If we’ve lost you here, then you should probably move on to another game. If not, then you just might have found the game you’ve been looking for. [Download]

final fantasy awakening

Royal Blood

The game from Gamevil is one of the most spectacular that we’ve seen, visually speaking. The Unity engine hasn’t been given many opportunities to shine so brightly on Android, and since a picture’s worth a thousand words, Royal Blood has become a success after its recent international release following various months in closed beta. [Download]

Royal Blood

Dragon Project

The fact that it’s an MMORPG that’s played vertically should already be a selling point for players in search of innovations in such a closed genre. But the real surprise comes when you realize that Dragon Project is similar in a lot of ways to what the Monster Hunter saga offers. Enough said. [Download]

dragon project

Dragon Nest M

Dragon Nest has been around for nearly 10 years on PC with different encarnations of its MMORPG, so its adaptation for Android has generated quite a bit of expectation. With its combat system without automatic aiming, the six original classes from the Windows version, and good graphics, Dragon Nest M earns its spot in the rankings as one of the best. [Download]

Dragon Nest M

Lineage 2 Revolution

We’ve saved the best for last. If World of Warcraft is the most well-known western MMO with most of its success occurring in recent years, Lineage is its Asian counterpart. The Android version includes tons of content that’s constantly being updated since its international release: daily missions, world bosses, guilds, PvP arena, mounts, and dungeon raids are just some of the ways you can find happiness in this game. [Download]

lineage 2


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