The top ten Android games of the month [March 2018]

Here we highlight the best Android games from the month of March. The list features a variety of titles, including strategy, role playing, and arcade games.

The sun has started to peek out from behind the clouds and Spring is finally underway. The month of March left us with a bunch of excellent new games on the Android ecosystem. So many, in fact, that it was tough to select just ten for our illustrious list. But that’s not such a bad problem to have, especially when some of the most highly anticipated games finally came out this month. Without further ado, here are the best Android games of March.

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Fantasy Squad: W

Sometimes we get tired of repeating the same things over and over, but there are just so many epic RPGs available on Android. Anime style characters fit right in with the genre, and Fantasy Squad: W is a return to the basics. Gameplay is fairly simple since combat is semi-automatic, but where the game really shines is in the great cast of characters you meet along the journey. It features hours and hours of gameplay and a huge variety of fun and interesting situations. [Download]

Fantasy Squad: W

Crown Masters

Clash Royale casts a long shadow on Android, but that doesn’t mean that some of the games it inspires don’t shine in their own right. Crown Masters is based on the same principles as Supercell’s hit title, but it has one unique feature: the screen is divided into three levels that each contain their own battles. Strategy is more important than ever in this great PvP title with a truly beautiful visual style. [Download]

crown masters

Sky Kingdoms

Strategy and RPG elements play a strong role once again in Sky Kingdoms, but at least here there is one aspect that stands out: the latest game from Seven Pirates has absolutely stellar graphics. It might not innovate when it comes to gameplay, but no where else will you see battles between floating castles look so spectacular. [Download]

Sky Kingdoms

Temple of Spikes

We have a soft spot for pixelated graphics, but gameplay is equally important. Temple of Spikes is a vertical arcade game in which you have to survive a series of screens filled with spikes and blocks. You have to last until the door finally appears, but the blocks on the screen move around in different ways to stop you. If you’re not careful you’ll meet a spiky death, so you’ll need to hone your skills to dodge them. A super fun game. [Download]

Temple of Spikes

Master of Eternity

We’ll always point out great SRPGs, especially when they’re as high quality asĀ Master of Eternity. It’s a game where you recruit giant fighting robots, with an element of social interaction between characters that’s vital to advancing in the story. It’s a fantastic game that will keep you entertained for hours and hours, although it does come with an embarrassing amount of fanservice with its female protagonists. [Download]

master of eternity

It’s Full of Sparks

The great studio Dabadu Games from Barcelona has come out with a very special title. It’s Full of Sparks is a game with short matches where you have to lead colorful characters to the nearest body of water so that they don’t explode. This task gets more and more difficult with each new level, with new obstacles that turn the game into a time trial that you’ll have to try again and again to beat. It’s similar to Super Meat Boy, but be warned that you might end up wanting to smash your phone against the table. [Download]

It's Full of Sparks

Fluffy Fall

Well designed simplicity isn’t easy to achieve, but Fluffy Fall has it in spades. Something as simple as controlling a hairy ball to make it survive as long as possible has never been more fun. As you might have guessed, it’s no easy task, since there are saws, fireballs, and lasers that make it tough to get very far. It’s a fun arcade game where you’ll need surgical precision to succeed. [Download]

Fluffy Fall

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of CaoCao

Strategy and grids make a perfect combination in this great SRPG from the prolific Romance of the Three Kingdoms saga. Playing through the story of Cao Cao is one of the most powerful experiences available on mobile devices. It features tactical battles and a world of characters and unique situations to enjoy. It’s a game where every decision counts, and the story changes depending on which path you go down. [Download]

romance three kingdoms

Black Desert Mobile

Although the game is still only available in Korean, Black Desert Mobile is obviously a game to keep track of. This amazing title launched by PEARL ABYSS is a fun MMORPG that features incredible graphics that will make you question whether or not you’re playing a mobile game. They haven’t announced a release date in the West yet, but we’re anxiously awaiting the news. [Download]

black desert mobile


The appearance of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS on this list should come as no surprise. We’ve been following its path since it first appeared on Android, but this month the international version was finally launched. Not only is it one of the most noteworthy games of the month, it’s one of the most important game launches in the history of mobile gaming. [Download]

pubg mobile


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