The top 10 Android apps of the month [May 2019]

Enjoy these 10 new apps for Android that came out this month, all available to download for free.

The months of the year are rolling along and it won’t be long until summer is in full swing. But whatever happens, there’s always one thing you can count on; and that’s our list of the best free apps that have come out on Android each month. After reviewing our list of the top games, it’s time to talk about apps that improve our daily lives. This month of May comes packed with interesting apps, quality wallpapers, and one of the most important browsers that exists. You don’t want to miss this.

top android apps mayo


Every day we’re more and more aware of the need to eat healthy. We’ve already talked to you all about some apps to help you out in this area, but CalorieCap has certain features that recently caught our attention. It’s an app that gives you access to the recipes of restaurants around you so you can know everything about the dishes you want to eat. It’s a really useful tool to help you make sure that eating out doesn’t turn your diet upside down. [Download]

CalorieCap Android


YASAN, the developer behind this app is already known for offering different wallpapers that make your smartphone shine. In this case, we’re talking about minimalist wallpapers with ultra high resolution: up to 6K in some cases. Every day, it offers a different wallpaper, including a specific selection for AMOLED screens. [Download]

Artwalls Android app


When you start searching for information about mobile devices, there’s one portal that stands out above the rest. And now you can have access to all this information about the mobile world from the simplicity of a single app. Kimovil offers a similar experience to the website, although with all the ease of accessing it from a convenient app. [Download]

kimovil android app


Nowadays with as busy as everyone is all the time, the idea of taking a break can become a luxury for many of us. Getting the recommended 8-9 hours of sleep a day is a difficult goal to reach, but there are plenty of apps that aim to give you hand in this area. We’ve already made a list of the best apps for relaxing and resting, and Rise joins this list, although it focuses more on sleeping habits. It offers different features that will help you get more sleep. [Download]

Rise Sleep App

Complete Music Reading Trainer

There are tons of learning apps of all types, but we’d say that Complete Music Reading Trainer is one of a kind. It aims to teach you how to read music and does so using gamification. You have to complete little games that will introduce this essential artistic subject to you in a fun way. It’s an app that’s as deep as you want it to be, since it adapts perfectly to every level. [Download]

Complete Music Reading Trainer

Warranty Keeper

Do you tend to lose or forget where you put your receipts for new items you purchase? Well you can stop suffering thanks to this app which promises to store all this information for you. Warranty Keeper gives you cloud storage and a simple interface so you don’t forget the dates when your warranties run out for your purchases. [Download]

Warranty Keeper App


The enormous potential of Skit has really surprised us. It’s the perfect app for managing the rest of the apps you have installed. Not only does it serve to give you every single detail about each one of your apps; it also works to export the APK of any tool or game you have installed. It’s incredibly complete and full of possibilities. [Download]

Skit Android app

Shade Launcher

We’ve already explained in detail how Android launchers work, but new and interesting launchers are showing up all the time. Even though there are already an endless number of launchers that exist, there’s always a new one or two that catch our eye, like Shade Launcher. It’s not in especially innovative tool, but it does give us a solid product with tons of customization possibilities. It’s a fantastic option for anyone who’s looking for a simple and elegant launcher. [Download]

Shade Launcher Android

Tor Browser

Tor Browser brings us the epitome of anonymous browsing online. Although many may associate it with the darkness of the Deep Web, Tor Browser is really just a browser that puts the user’s safety over all else. The new version we bring you today is the first stable version for mobile devices. [Download]

Tor Browser Android


Here we’re getting a bit repetitive with another wallpaper app, but it wouldn’t be fair not to include this one. Abstruct is a real wonder for anyone who’s looking for bright wallpapers to give their screen an extra special touch. This app from Hampus Olsson offers more than 300 wallpapers in 4K, making it hard not to find something you like. Plus, you have all the official wallpapers from OnePlus, so you have endless possibilities. [Download]

Abstruct App


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