The top ten Android apps of the month [February 2018]

These are the best Android apps that came out in the month of February 2018. It's a selection of high quality apps that you won't want to miss out on.

February brought with it a bunch of great game releases, but now it’s time to have a look at the best apps of the month. We’ve prepared a diverse cocktail of apps like an online radio, an unconventional web browser, and tools to help you manage your time. Don’t miss out on these outstanding apps from the month of February.

cake web browser

Lifes Game: Make Everyday a Game

Gamification might not be as popular as it was a few years ago, but great new apps that take advantage of it to improve your life continue to pop up from time to time. This tool will help you take pleasure in doing all of your daily tasks and chores. With each task you complete, you gain rewards. Although the goals are self-imposed, seeing how your character evolves can be a powerful way to keep yourself on the right path. [Download]

lifes game screenshot The top ten Android apps of the month [February 2018]

My Disney Experience

We don’t usually feature apps made by big companies and brands, but this month we’d be remiss to not mention the great work behind My Disney Experience. This official app from the most famous theme park in the world lets you discover what’s going on in your vicinity, like the location of events, shops, and your favorite characters. You can also see the average wait times of each attraction, making it an essential tool for those who are planning a visit. [Download]

my disney experience screenshot The top ten Android apps of the month [February 2018]

Cake Web Browser

You have to give credit to those who are willing to take risks, and Cake Web Browser is a significant departure from the norm. You browse by swiping left and right, making it a great option for those who want to search the web for all kinds of content. It might not load as quickly as we’d like, but it has a lot of potential and its great design makes it a noteworthy alternative to more popular browsers. [Download]

cake web browser


This app sponsored by Arianna Huffington was made to help you disconnect from your smartphone and focus on other things. The app bricks your device for a predetermined amount of time so you can focus on more important things in your life. You can also configure the app to automatically send a message to those who try to contact you. It’s a great app that many people could easily incorporate into their daily lives. [Download]

thrive screenshot The top ten Android apps of the month [February 2018]


We’re always on the look out for ways to optimize Android devices and this app lets you do so in just a few seconds. There are a thousands of apps to help speed up your device, but there are few that do it well, and TBubbleClean belongs on that list. You can clear out space, free up RAM, or reduce the temperature of your device quickly and easily with this app. [Download]

tbubble clean screenshot The top ten Android apps of the month [February 2018]


It’s easy to miss out on things happening in social media, since you can only see them by opening each individual app. Feedster tries to solve this problem by combining all of your feeds into a single location. There are two different designs and each one has a bunch of options so you never miss out on anything that happens on different social media channels. [Download]



Creating videos is something that appeals to many users, so apps like MoShow are always welcomed with open arms. After selecting your photos and the style of video you want, it will automatically create an impressive composition. It’s a super easy way to create quality visual content that can also include text and music. Try it, and the results will surprise even the most skeptic around. [Download]



We are in love with Scorefolder. Niche apps always deserve more attention, especially when they put all of the sheet music you could want from classical music at your fingertips. It features the entire Petrucci Music Library, which contains all kinds of musical compositions. Plus, its Material Design is completely optimized to run perfectly on any device. [Download]


Stories – Timeline Diary

Making a complete diary is no longer just a dream thanks to Stories – Timeline Diary. Using a timeline as a central point, you have a world of possibilities to keep track of what you do every day. It has two special features that are great in these kinds of apps: the possibility to record your state of mind and the creation of ‘books’ to help organize your diary entries. [Download]

stories timeline diary


Although Radiogram hasn’t officially been released yet, its outstanding quality has gained our attention. This radio app comes with a huge amount of stations to listen to online without advertisements. The stations are divided into categories and come from a variety of countries all around the world. It’s one of the best radio apps currently available, and it’s an indispensable way to listen to the radio on devices that don’t come with the ability to do so built in. [Download]

radiogram screenshot The top ten Android apps of the month [February 2018]


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