The top 10 Android games of the month [November 2018]

We've put together a list of the best free games that have shown up on Android in November. A well-varied selection of high quality games.

We’re getting dangerously close to the end of 2018, but the merry-go-round of Android games just keeps on spinning. November has brought us a nice collection of titles from all different genres to enjoy on our Android devices. They’re all available for free and with enough quality to make our cut. Without further ado, here you have the best Android games of November. 

Los diez mejores juegos para Android del mes



This nice little roguelike takes to you to ample dungeons where endless enemies are waiting to try to take your life away. Lamplight is unique because all the skills in the game are based on light, so you’ll have to go into the darkness and come out victorious. While the graphics may not be the most impressive —logical, considering it comes from a Ludum Dare— the gameplay is where it really shines. And in this genre, that’s what’s most important. [Download]

Idle Payday: Fast Money

Idle Payday

We don’t know what it is about incremental games that gets us hooked and makes us keep on coming back for more. We’ve already seen the formula before: you get elements, in this case businesses, that will make you earn money little by little. You’ll then use this money to invest in more expensive businesses, and so on and so forth until the end of time. We’ve seen a thousand and one other games like it (Idle Payday: Fast Money, for example), but it’s easy to fall into its web thanks to its eye-catching visuals. [Download]

Endless Road

Endless Road

You can never have too many roguelikes: Endless Road takes a lighter approach to the genre thanks to its colorful game setting. While it’s more similar to a board game than a roguelike, Endless Road gives you four character classes and a long list of items to interact with with your character. That said, don’t let its looks fool you: the combat will make you sweat more than you’d assume just from looking at it. [Download]

Flippy Skate

Flippy Skate

Ketchapp continues working its magic with each new game it releases, and Flippy Skate is the latest game we’ve fallen for. This arcade game will have you trying to get the best score possible by skateboarding from half-pipe to half-pipe. The gameplay couldn’t be simpler: you just have to touch the screen when your board is in the air to make it spin and let go when it’s in the perfect position to land on the next ramp. Again and again. The key is that you can only touch the screen once on each ramp, so you need to perfect your timing in order to keep advancing. [Download]

Lovecraft Quest – A Comix Game

Lovecraft Quest

Text adventures may not be be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a game style that has dedicated followers. And what could be better than merging this videogame subgenre with the always-attractive subject of the Cthulhu Mythos. Lovecraft fans have to try this interesting adventure that also includes some puzzles. Just be careful not to wake up the primordials! [Download]

Super Supermarket

Super Supermarket

We’d thought we’d already seen every possible color and flavor of endless runner possible, but surprisingly enough, there’s always something new and ready to charm us. Super Supermarket follows the basic guidelines of the genre in terms of gameplay, but stands out from its competitors with an incredibly interesting theme: you have to toss items in your shopping cart as you go. [Download]

Soul Chase

Soul Chase

The great Shovel Knight serves as inspiration for Soul Chase, an action platformer where you have to complete the levels in the least amount of time as possible. Not only to feel like a champion and brag about your score, but becase you can’t pass the levels if you don’t catch your lost soul in time. The game isn’t easy, but it isn’t unfair to the player at any moment. It’s a real surprise that will remind you of classics from past generations. [Download]

Trigger Heroes

trigger heroes

Nuclear Throne may not be in style anymore, but its influence still reaches us in the form of new games that use it as inspiration. We really like how Trigger Heroes brings this genre to mobile devices the best way possible: the shooting is automatic, so you just have to focus on moving around and dodging the nonstop bullets coming at you. The possibilities are practically endless, thanks to the great number of unlockable items and skills the game offers. [Download]

Mad Rocket

mad rocket

We’re a little tired of reading about strategy games similar to Clash of Clans. The overuse of this style has been over the top recently, and it seems like there’s no room left for innovation. However, we love to be wrong with our pessimistic outlook, and Mad Rocket has effectively made us eat our words. The cool thing about the game from 4:33 is that you have no idea where the enemy bases are located. There’s a dark war cloud that you need to clear by shooting your units at the battlefield. And the best part is that you won’t have to constantly train units in your base, since you invoke them according to time. Plenty of reasons to get the party started. [Download]

Hundred Soul

hundred soul

The world of MMORPGs is so wide and varied that it’s not always easy to keep track of all the new games that appear. That’s why we’re here to recommend Hundred Soul again, after going into detail about it in our blog. It’s an unusually high-quality game with graphics that could put some current console videogames to shame. Its combat system is as dynamic as it is spectacular and its different games modes have us hopelessly addicted. We’ve started to play it on YouTube, so don’t miss our progress. [Download]


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