Since the premiere of Blade Runner 2049 back in 2017, many cyberpunk games have been released for the Android environment. This sci-fi subgenre has one of its most important cinematographic references in the original film by Ridley Scott, making this sequel the perfect moment to rekindle this evocative aesthetic overall. To do our part we’ve put together a selection of free video games for smartphones set in dystopian futures with neon colors and illegal black markets. Long live cyberpunk!

cyberpunk android featured The top cyberpunk games for Android in 2022

Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter takes you to a large island where you will find all kinds of weapons, vehicles and technological objects that you can use in each game. Through its spectacular 3D visuals, NetEase proposes building countless elements in Fortnite style. All with the ultimate goal of shooting all opponents in an attempt to be the last survivor in such hostile territory. In addition, if you prefer, there is also a “lite” version for terminals with less power. [Download]

Cyber Space

Going on with the battle royale subgenre, we find Cyber Space. This title presents a spectacularly realistic world of cyberpunk aesthetics in which you’ll have to arm yourself to survive. The twenty minutes or so that each game lasts will be enough to measure your resilience against your enemies. As in similar video games, the map will get smaller and smaller and you won’t be able to leave the marked outline if you don’t want to be defeated in a matter of seconds. [Download]


Metal Revolution

Countless fights between futuristic characters under dystopian aesthetics. These are the main features of Metal Revolution, a title in which you’ll have to deal blows to each opponent in dynamic 1v1 duels. The multiplayer mode also lets you confront players from anywhere in the world. All with a simple control system reminiscent of classics such as Street Fighter. [Download]


Shooter Punk

In Shooter Punk, neons are also present in each of the busy streets that make up this universe. This is a cyberpunk third-person shooter game that proposes to finish off all the enemies that come your way. To that end, you’ll have to unlock different caliber weapons that will help you to tackle as many rivals as possible. And all of this under a very intuitive control system that will allow you to control your character with just one finger. [Download]


Battle Night

Darkness hovers over the streets of this city in which you will fight against dozens of enemies. In Battle Night you will live exciting street gang battles illuminated by neon lights. By forming the best possible team, you will be in charge of executing the best attack combinations to get an advantage over your adversaries. Moreover, as you level up, your character’s skills will also improve, thus allowing you to try out new abilities and resources. [Download]

Punishing: Gray Raven

In this role-playing and action game, you’ll be fighting against powerful robots scattered throughout a spectacular universe. Your main mission will be to lead a squadron of cyborgs throughout games full of intense combats. We are facing one of those ARPGs whose success lies in its amazing 3D visuals and intuitive control system. In fact, the impressive number of quick combos you can perform will allow you further enjoy an attractive story mode full of characters and elements of cyberpunk aesthetics. [Download]


From the Kefir! studio comes a third-person RPG that will transport you to a vast world in which you will live exciting adventures. Explore the city of Cyberika as you wish, and collect items that you can use to craft different objects. The title offers an experience comparable to Cyberpunk 2077 on Android, so fun is certainly guaranteed in each of the missions you complete. And all under a very striking visual section that will dazzle you with night lights that illuminate this dystopian universe. [Download]

Cyber Strike

Getting a futuristic city to grow as you confront different enemies is the premise behind Cyber Strike. In this strategy game, you’ll manage an infinite number of resources to increase the size of your settlement. By completing secondary missions and making incursions into enemy territories, you’ll gradually get to erect buildings while reinforcing the existing ones. However, you should keep an eye on your enemies to avoid surprise attacks launched by the soldiers of other players. [Download]



In Rider you will get behind the wheel of different 2D vehicles composed to face incredible challenges. In this arcade game you’ll drive through each circuit with the goal of surpassing all the platforms without falling into the void. You’ll accelerate by clicking on the screen, while completing impossible jumps that take you to the finish line. That way you will complete each challenge available in this game by Ketchapp. [Download]


Into Mirror

A 2D action-adventure where you will infiltrate a megacorporation using your technology arsenal of technology. Powered-up bladed weapons and rainy skyscrapers jammed with neon ads in perfect Japanese are all the rage here. If you like the Deus Ex saga and anime cyberpunk, you’ll find a lot to chew on here. [Download]

into mirror screenshot The top cyberpunk games for Android in 2022


Technological futures with whiffs of dystopianism are always associated with the virtual technology universe. Hackers drops you into one of them as you move around virtual networks whose nodes and infrastructure are represented visually. An online game where you’ve got to defend your own nucleus and fight for resources against other players. Check out our review of it on the blog from a while ago. [Download]

cyberpunk android hackers The top cyberpunk games for Android in 2022

Chrome Death

Futuristic vehicles that leave a neon trail in the suburbs of megacities are another classic motif of the genre. Chrome Death is an arcade game that brings back this kind of setting where you have to flee the police while they try to block your movements. The problem is that, unlike the transporters in Blade Runner, the ones here still don’t fly. [Download]

cyberpunk android chrome death The top cyberpunk games for Android in 2022

Neon Drifters

We’re back to Asian cyberpunk in terms of the extreme technification in the military sphere. Neon Drifters is an endless runner where you play a rebel atop a flying vehicle who has to dodge enemy obstacles in an endless flight. [Download]

cyberpunk android neon drifters The top cyberpunk games for Android in 2022

Vektor 1.0

The film Akira laid the groundwork for lots of the aesthetics of the cyberpunk genre. In fact, the motorchases on giant highways are one of its signatures. Vektor brings back Kaneda and Tetsuo’s hair-raising fights with rival gangs in this game of skill where you’ve got to keep yourself steady atop your motorcycle for as long as you can. [Download]

cyberpunk android vektor The top cyberpunk games for Android in 2022


If Rick Deckard played anything at an arcade after finishing his nightly rounds, it would certainly be PinOut. Head into the field of the neo-80s and you’ll find a mixed bag of games full of retro wave music and neon colors, but we’re going to make an exception for this one given that it was one of Yours Truly’s top faves from last year. This idea of an “endless pinball” game really is a brilliant one. [Download]

cyberpunk android pinout The top cyberpunk games for Android in 2022


Running around towering skyscrapers in majestic cities is what’s on offer in RetroShifter. You play an extreme parkour runner wearing a special sort of wristband with four positions, each of them a different hue, that let you pass through security lasers in the same color. Throw in the need to jump and crouch and you’ve got a game that’s frenetic from the get-go. [Download]

cyberpunk android retroshifter The top cyberpunk games for Android in 2022


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