The premiere of Blade Runner 2049 (2017) is a proper event for sci fi fans. Cyberpunk imagery was delivered in one of its most famous formats in the original film by Ridley Scott, making this sequel the perfect moment to rekindle this evocative aesthetic overall. To do our part we’ve put together a selection of free video games for Android set in dystopian futures with neon colors and illegal black markets. Long live cyberpunk!

cyberpunk android featured Our top cyberpunk games for Android

Into Mirror

A 2D action adventure where you’ve got to infiltrate a megacorporation using your arsenal of technology. Powered-up bladed weapons and rainy skyscrapers jammed with neon ads in perfect Japanese are all the rage here. If you like the Deus Ex saga and anime cyberpunk, you’ll find a lot to chew on here. [Download]

into mirror screenshot Our top cyberpunk games for Android


Technological futures with whiffs of dystopianism are always associated with the virtual technology universe. Hackers drops you into one of them as you move around virtual networks whose nodes and infrastructure are represented visually. An online game where you’ve got to defend your own nucleus and fight for resources against other players. Check out our review of it on the blog from a while ago. [Download]

cyberpunk android hackers Our top cyberpunk games for Android

Chrome Death

Futuristic vehicles that leave a neon trail in the suburbs of megacities are another classic motif of the genre. Chrome Death is an arcade game that brings back this kind of setting where you have to flee the police while they try to block your movements. The problem is that, unlike the transporters in Blade Runner, the ones here still don’t fly. [Download]

cyberpunk android chrome death Our top cyberpunk games for Android

Neon Drifters

We’re back to Asian cyberpunk in terms of the extreme technification in the military sphere. Neon Drifters is an endless runner where you play a rebel atop a flying vehicle who has to dodge enemy obstacles in an endless flight. [Download]

cyberpunk android neon drifters Our top cyberpunk games for Android

Vektor 1.0

The film Akira laid the groundwork for lots of the aesthetics of the cyberpunk genre. In fact, the motorchases on giant highways are one of its signatures. Vektor brings back Kaneda and Tetsuo’s hair-raising fights with rival gangs in this game of skill where you’ve got to keep yourself steady atop your motorcycle for as long as you can. [Download]

cyberpunk android vektor Our top cyberpunk games for Android


If Rick Deckard played anything at an arcade after finishing his nightly rounds, it would certainly be PinOut. Head into the field of the neo 80s and you’ll find a mixed bag of games full of retrowave music and neon colors, but we’re going to make an exception for this one given that it was one of Yours Truly’s top faves from last year. This idea of an “endless pinball” game really is a brilliant one. [Download]

cyberpunk android pinout Our top cyberpunk games for Android


Running around towering skyscrapers in majestic cities is what’s on offer in RetroShifter. You play an extreme parkour runner wearing a special sort of wristband with four positions, each of them a different hue, that let you pass through security lasers in the same color. Throw in the need to jump and crouch and you’ve got a game that’s frenetic from the get-go. [Download]

cyberpunk android retroshifter Our top cyberpunk games for Android


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