According to App Annie, global app downloads are expected to hit 284 billion by 2020, more than doubling 2015’s figures. What role will Android blogs play in this market growth? In Uptodown’s previous post, we explained our vision for a more unified Android industry, where independent publishers and APK repositories work together to help people discover, and download apps without barriers. Below we highlight some of the top Android blogs that always help us to stay up-to-date.

Android Central

card_android_central(Source: Alexa, Android Central, Crunchbase)

Founded in 2008, Android Central is a major media reference specializing in Google operating system. Over the years, it’s seen huge growth to the point where it is now one of the most visited tech pages in the US. This is largely thanks to their capability to cover all kinds of content, from hardware to app reviews. Along with specific insider industry news as well as business development they do it all. Their success is visibly measured by the size of their user community both in terms of their social media presence and active participation via commenting and live message boards. This is their reward for consistently providing up to date, informative content 24/7 without sacrificing accuracy or quality.

Android Authority

card_android_authority(Source: Alexa, Android Authority, Crunchbase)

With over 30 million monthly users, Android Authority stands as an industry giant. One of its hallmark features is its device reviews and categorized ranking system along with their enormous quantity of self-produced media content. It’s easily considered one of the best buying guides out today. Keeping users in mind at all times when generating content they are in touch with how users feel when looking for information. This allows them to make tutorials, buyers guides, and price comparisons that are up to date with the industry, giving visitors the information they need. A practical website in every sense of the word, their YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers.

Android Police

card_android_police(Source: Alexa, Android Police, Crunchbase)

Android Police is mainly focused on apps and keeping readers up to speed on the latest updates. It has its own directory of applications called APKMirror where the newest versions of highly demanded apps are available in APK format for download even before they appear on Google Play. This philosophy makes their website the place to go for up to date software information before heading to “official” channels.


card_droid_life(Source: Alexa, Droid-Life, Crunchbase)

Droid-Life delivers easy to understand Android information, while taking a deeper look through reviews and articles. This makes them a major publication when users search for updated information within the Android ecosystem. Watching their video reviews or livecasts will show you just how solid this team is. At the end of the day, what truly brings an original project to life is the team of people backing it.


card_phandroid(Source: Alexa, Phandroid, Crunchbase)

Phandroid stands out as being the first digital medium that’s exclusively dedicated to Android devices. As pioneers, they’ve stayed at the top thanks to many years of exclusive releases and consistently being the first to write about projects in development. A professional team that provides constant high quality information, they need little else to maintain their ranking.


card_androidpit(Source: Alexa, AndroidPit, Crunchbase)

The emporium of AndroidPit is made up of a team of more than 30 different editors and contributors that offer a huge quantity of daily information about all things Android. Their content is available in 8 languages. The range of information they cover is so large that extensive reviews of the latest smartphone releases live in harmony with information on limited discounts in stores and tutorials on how to make the most of your apps. To avoid getting lost among such a wide variety of web content, there is an official app that provides all of the original content organized along with a social media component and user reviews. One major advantage point is sticking to covering global information instead of specializing in a single geographic area.

On behalf of the Uptodown team, we congratulate you all, and hope to cheer up the Android industry together!

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