The top 10 Android apps of the month [March 2019]

Here's our selection of the most important apps released in the last 30 days for mobile devices.

March is coming to an end, and it’s once again come time to give our summary of the most important apps that have made their way to Uptodown. This month, our selection of the top 10 mobile apps is packed with a variety of tools: minimalist launchers, language learning apps, and secure services for sending files are just some of the types of apps we’re going to cover on this list. As always, all the apps are available for download on Uptodown without any geographic restrictions.

Zero – Fasting Tracker

Intermittent fasting has become a popular practice, recognized by many experts. It consists of following eating cycles and is claimed to improve your overall health. This app aims to help you create a calendar where you can plan your diet and time your fasting to easily control your caloric intake. [Download]

TikTok has become the pacesetter for short video apps. So much so, in fact, that there are plenty of apps that use its content for other types of services. lets you use any short video from the platform as an alarm clock, letting you choose the time, user, or hashtag where you want to find the clip. [Download]


There can never be too many accessibility apps available on the market. Lookout is geared toward people with reduced vision. Using your device’s camera, the app is able to identify the object it’s aimed at and tell you what it is, with both a message and an audio with the definition. Plus, you can see information about products by scanning the barcode or reference number and even transcribe texts. [Download]


Organizing and cataloging is an addiction for those of us who are immersed in the digital era. Anylist offers plenty of features when it comes to creating and saving lists. Although it’s centered around creating shopping lists and preparing recipes, you can use it to organize any other interest you may have, whether its about movies you want to watch or simple daily to-do lists. [Download]

Firefox Send

Mozilla has released its own service for sending and receiving large files. If you’re registered, you can upload documents up to 2.5GB. Plus, it puts special emphasis on the security and privacy of the process. In fact, you can even give the links you create a limited lifespan. [Download]

WiFi ARCore

Augmented reality is becoming more and more integrated in our daily lives. This app lets you apply it to your search of nearby wireless networks. Using your smartphone’s camera you can see information with the address where the closest network is located, along with the connectivity strength. [Download]


There are endless resources for language learning, but listening to music is one of the best ways to learn. Lirica is an app that has you complete entertaining exercises to learn English and Spanish while you pay attention to the song lyrics on the screen. As they’re being played, you’ll have to complete small exercises that involve filling in the blanks in the song’s lyrics. [Download]

Bolo: Learn to read with Google

Hindi is the fourth most spoken language in the world, so it makes sense that Google would take advantage of this sector by offering specialized apps. Bolo is a language learning app for children in both Hindi and English that bases its exercises on more than 40 different children’s stories. [Download]

Mint Launcher

Xiaomi has made the smart decision once again to release their exclusive apps from their devices to be used on all types of devices. This new launcher offers a minimalist interface that’s designed to be used on less powerful devices. In fact, it’s compatible with Android 5.5 or higher. [Download]


More and more users are starting to look for the possibility to customize their smartphones to the extreme. There are plenty of virtual keyboards, but there’s nothing better than being able to set up your keyboard the the way you want it thanks to apps like this one. PlayKeyboard lets you configure the keyboard’s layout, appearance, background, and behavior. [Download]


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