By just taking a look at some of the projects and services you can find on the Internet, you will realize that the large majority of them have a tutorial or demo that hopes not to only grab the user’s attention but to also explain how the service works. Here we give some recommendations and advice about several services for easily making these kinds of presentations.

Realizar presentaciones cabecera Tools for easily creating professional video presentations

Creating a fun but instructive video doesn’t have to mean a lot of effort, neither mental nor economical. With the Internet, great tools are within reach, whether they are in the form of a downloadable program or in the form of a web application.

Creation tools
Powtoon, which can run directly from your browser, gives you access to a tool very similar to PowerPoint but designed for adding more visual and audio effects in video format. It is a freemium registration; that is, you can opt out of paying for any of the plans they offer, but in return you will be subject to some limitations: videos no longer than 45 seconds in length, export a max of 5 videos you create to YouTube, and a water mark with the PowToon logo.

Imagen de Powtoon

You can choose among various types of presentations of different styles, and in each one of them you can choose a series of visual effects such as cartoon characters, dialog and/or thought bubbles, hands that interact with the things you add to your creation, etc. In addition to this, you can include your own both .MP3 and image files, something that is highly recommended given that the web app has a restricted image database, and if you were to use them it would make your video look very similar to those of other companies.

In addition to this service, if you are thinking about internationalizing your product or website and you don’t have a good accent in another language, Voice Bunny is an excellent meeting point not just for folks that need voice overs, narrators, and voices for their audiovisual creations but also for those who make these services easier.

The service provides more than 100,000 specialized professionals, covering up to 50 languages. The cost will vary according to the plan you decide to join. On the one hand, if you sign up for the “Speedy” plan you can create a project and the Voice Bunny teams takes care of finding you the best voice over and payment. As easy as it is, you take the risk that what the Voice Bunny team considers best for you could end up not meeting your expectations. In that case, you can try out the “Casting” plan, which instead of having just one professional recording your piece, you will have 10 recordings from among which you will have to choose a “winner.” The service becomes much more expensive with this second option, so you’ll have to decide if it is worth it.

Imagen de Voice bunny

You can also check out the dubbing and professional audio recording that you’ll find in PowToon’s Marketplace, the service we mentioned earlier. Generally, the prices are lower than what you would find on Voice Bunny but the selection isn’t as big or diverse.

Where do I store my videos?
After the creation process, it comes time to choose a place to store your creation. Vimeo and YouTube are perhaps the most recognized platforms for storing your videos. On the one hand, by putting your video on YouTube there is the option of receiving an economic benefit if you decide to subscribe to one of its monetization plans in which the YouTube team can play ads before, after, or while your video is playing.

You also have to keep in mind that the community of YouTube users is notably bigger than that of Vimeo and can be a determiner if you want your audience to comment or to be more active (likes, share your video on a platform they’re used to).

Vimeo, the Flickr for artists of everything visual, has three plans: two paid—one created for professionals that work on their on account, another more extensive (and more expensive) one for businesses—and a free one that has ads.

Some practical advice

The best way to show your audience that your product is what they need is by making a demo video of what problem you are going to solve for them. Present a situation that they face in their day-to-day life, then talk about the solutions or other existing products on the market (if there are any). Finish with a simple and concise explanation of why your product or service is best for them. It’s that simple.

If you need some inspiration for your creations, you just need to know which web sites to turn to. Generally, the businesses that take care of producing these kinds of video professionally are a good resource. Such is the case with Epipheo Studios, which creates videos that look similar to what you would get with PowToon. They have done work for Google, Facebook, and even small local businesses. You can take a look at everything they have done up until now, although their website itself is a great source of inspiration.

The team at Sandwhich Video is another one of the small businesses that have made a mark based on creating unique ads that are different from what you have been accustomed to until now. Among some of their most recent clients you will find audiovisual work for startups such as Airbnb, Square, Groupon, and even for the promotion of apps such as Flipboard and Quora.


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