The Titanfall saga has contributed a ton to the vast online world of first-person action gaming. This mashup of parkour, high technology, and combustible combats already tried to make a dent on Android with Titanfall Frontline, though that adaptation in the form of a TCG shut down on January 20. Now the license is back to try its luck with the popular NEXON studio in an interesting RTS that retains FPS-style game modes but offers controls based on deploying troop cards with a fixed cost. Titanfall Assault is proof that any genre can work on Android if the formula is adapted cleverly enough.

titanfall assault featured Titanfall Assault now available for Android

In Titanfall Assault you play several characters at the same time. The bulk of your team is made up of three characters you can level up, and each of them gets associated with a Titan that under certain conditions you can deploy on the battlefield. Plus you’ve got a set of special troops and abilities in the form of card that can also be used during the battles if you meet certain conditions.

titanfall assault screenshot 1 Titanfall Assault now available for Android

You control everything by placing troops and selecting targets – no need for a joystick or anything else that complicates things. In terms of game modes, the settings adapt to genre standards like capturing targets until you get enough points to win, or destroying your enemy’s main headquarters in a set amount of time. But never fear – the whole experience is silky smooth no matter how small a screen you’re playing on. The limited length of the settings and automation when it comes to making the troops attack any threat in adjacent areas makes the game accessible to any user. Full disclosure: the assisted controls and bulk of the experience borrow massively from Clash Royal and its ilk.

titanfall assault screenshot 2 Titanfall Assault now available for Android

The hook here (as we can’t forget this is freemium game, with everything that comes along with that) is that as you beat battles you’ll get rewards you can cash in for new cards and upgrades to existing ones. Plus you can get new Titans and configure your team by calibrating the abilities of your main characters with those of your support troops.

Titanfall Assault is a fantastic RTS for Android that still hasn’t officially launched at the international level but its already out on Uptodown via APK with no geographical limits of any kind.



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