It’s beyond all doubt that Duolingo is one of the best apps out there for furthering your knowledge of foreign languages. Its latest product, called TinyCards, while still closely linked with language learning, has a new entertainment component that helps you memorize concepts through the traditional method of flashcards and constant repetition.

tinycards duolingo featured TinyCards: The new Duolingo app for learning as you play

The app includes a huge number of minigames focused on subjects of all kinds. In all of them, the idea is to memorize both sides of flashcards to associate concepts and retain them for an ever larger number of cards. You can, for example, learn which planets are in the solar system as well as what they look like and what their position is with respect to the sun.

tinycards duolingo screens TinyCards: The new Duolingo app for learning as you play

These minigames can be created by the Duolingo team or uploaded by other users. Plus they’ve got several difficulty levels for you to progressively move through, meaning there’ll be more definitions and concepts to remember. When we say astronomy, for instance, we might be talking about anything from Star Wars characters to strong women in science to multiplication tables.

The interesting thing about Tinycards is that depending on the nature of the cards, you can end up learning both words from a specific language and info about subjects completely removed from Duolingo’s original purpose – all for the pure joy of learning.

TinyCards on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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