Jump nonstop in this latest hit from Ketchapp: Time Jump

Time Jump is a fun arcade game from Ketchapp where you have to jump over obstacles to get the highest score possible.

Time goes by and Ketchapp continues releasing new games like it’s child’s play. The French company continues in its pursuit to provide the world with games that offer simple and addictive gameplay. Although some games they release may be guilty of being a bit to repetitive, there’s always the likely possibility that they’ll surprise us just like they have with Time JumpIt’s a beautiful game where you have to jump over obstacles until you drop.

Time Jump

It seems like Ketchapp games always end up finding their way onto our list of the best games of the month. This is normal, considering the enormous volume of games that the company releases, not to mention the fact that they’re all usually enjoyable to the very end. After the interesting approach to a classic like Prince of Persia, Ketchapp returns to its roots with a title that has doesn’t involve running or doing flips: in Time Jump, it’s all about the jumping. 

Time Jump

In Time Jump, you have to jump over the bars that swing around like the hands on a clock. When you tap the screen, you’ll do a simple jump, while holding your finger down will make you stay in the air for longer. The timing is key to continue advancing between screens and the difficulty of each level will increase as you go on: there will be more bars added and they’ll move at different frequencies to try to take you down as soon as possible.

Along the way, you can unlock different rabbits that will change the look of your avatar. Yes, it’s the typical resource Ketchapp tends to use in their titles, but it’s still enjoyable. Not to mention the sweet pyrotechnics effects in the game. It almost looks like it was taken straight out of a neon fantasy worthy of Nicolas Winding Refn.

Time Jump

Time Jump is a great arcade game that joins a long list of quality titles from Ketchapp. Its graphics are top notch, following in a long line of other excellent titles from the company like Rider. If we had tried it sooner, it definitely would have made our list of the best games of the month.

Time Jump for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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