After nearly ten years offering a free mode, the remote-desktop tool LogMeIn Free will no longer be available after this week, and the program’s features will be confined to annual Premium subscriptions. Nevertheless, there’s no need to fret if you wish to keep using services of this sort without cracking open your wallet, as there are various other no-cost alternatives.


This is undoubtedly the star remote-management program, both for its ease of use and the features it offers. Through its interface you can take complete control of a remote computer and get a real-time view of its desktop, whether it be Windows, Mac, or Linux. Ideal for both newbies and those users looking for extra features such as simultaneous videoconferencing capability, which makes it the ideal tool for long-distance tech support. We’ve already discussed on this blog before how to configure it step by step. And best of all, it can also be used from your smartphone or tablet.

TeamViewer captura


iOS and Android are increasingly coming to the forefront when it comes to doing tasks that until recently you’d do with your desktop computer, and when it comes to remote desktops it was never going to be otherwise. While TeamViewer does offer this possibility, Splashtop is directly and exclusively dedicated to such tasks, offering tools for remote control via streaming and with such a capacity for responsiveness that it works a charm even for remotely streaming video or playing video games.



A classic in its field and the best app that utilizes the VNC protocol, independent of which platform it is running on and under GNU license. Although the original version of the program is the mythic Real VNC, this UltraVNC version includes an external session-encryption plugin to make your connection more secure.



And here’s a rather different alternative. Soluto is actually a complete cleaning suite that improves your computer’s performance, with tools to speed up your startup and delete unnecessary software or registry entries. But what’s really interesting is that it recently added a remote connection service from which you can connect to other computers from both the desktop tool or through your browser.



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