Not everybody in the world is an expert at Photoshop. Image editing suites are a dime a dozen these days, but many users aren’t interested in installing bulky multimedia tools with confusing workspaces full of limitless possibilities. Luckily, for such users, there are the tools from XnSoft, whose products are focused on editing, managing, and organizing images simply and directly.

XnConvert – Bulk image editing

This is a powerful image editor and convertor that intuitively and straightforwardly allows you to apply all sorts of effects to a set of images simultaneously, with its entire interface organized around this function. From a preview window you can select and layer on any of the more than 30 available effects, bulk-processing all the images that you’ve selected in one go.


XnView – An old-school image browser

The days of ACDSee and other image browsers may be far behind us, but managing large volumes of photos is still always made much easier by using programs like XnView.

With it, you can view extensive information about your images and apply effects and formatting changes from within the application. You can even set this as your default image viewer if you wish.


XnRetro and XnSketch – Professional effects in just a few steps

Instagram and Twitter filters have brought post-processing image filters into fashion among the general public. With these two programs you can apply two of the most frequently used effects to your own photos with a high degree of customization in the process.

With XnRetro you can give your images a vintage look, with 20 different color effects, 15 preset lighting patterns, and 28 types of borders, as well as a handful of other editable characteristics. XnSketch, for its part, lets you apply all sorts of artistic effects to your photos, making them look hand-painted or drawn in comic-book style.


XnShell Extension – Image editing from your context menu

If what you want is to completely forget about installing extra programs and just integrate basic image-editing features into your Windows context menu, there is this extension, which will add a new drop-down menu when you right click on the image in question and modify its format, size, or orientation, among other changes.



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