We’ve all grown up with game shows playing on the TV in our homes at one time or another. There are all sorts of shows, but the majority follow pretty much the same idea: contestants have to respond to a question presented by the show’s host. That’s the exact formula followed by The Q, a live trivia game where you participate exclusively through your smartphone. If this sounds familiar, then you’re probably thinking of HQ Trivia, the first app of its kind, which is currently only available on iOS.

The Q

We can’t talk about The Q without also talking about HQ Trivia. This is because the popular app from the creators of Vine existed first and this app that we’re currently talking about is almost a carbon copy of iOS app. Both apps follow the same format: you have to respond to a series of questions that the app provides and if you get the answer right, you keep playing. As soon as you get a question wrong, you lose your playing rights and have to sit on the sidelines the rest of the game and watch, or you can leave the game. This is something that’s clear to see with the number of participants dwindling down after every question.

The Q

The game can only be played at certain times every day, although the app itself will notify you when a game will be starting. You’ll receive different notifications when the time is getting close and the game starts when you see the presenter on the screen. This is where The Q really loses steam, since they don’t exactly have the talents of the great Scott Rogowsky. Instead, they offer up various presenters that try their best, but with some really disappointing results. It’s not that they don’t do the job … the problem is that they look uncomfortable doing it, and they just don’t perform quite as well as in HQ Trivia. Although it may be painful to watch, here you can see one of them in action.

The Q

We all know it’s not nice to make comparisons, but The Q sort of feels like lower-quality copy of HQ Trivia. Not only for the presenter’s charisma, but because the lag can really put a dent in the game and the green screen looks more homemade than anything. But after all, it is currently the only app of its kind available on Android. The prizes are worth between $200 and $1,000, so winning this live game show for Android can be a pretty sweet deal. HQ Trivia will most likely come to Android sooner or later, although the latest news about its financing problems makes us wonder.

The Q for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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