Sony has just launched the new official PlayStation app for Android and iOS smartphones, prompted by the impending launch of PlayStation 4, which will hit markets in Europe on November 29th. This new app will allow users of the next-generation console from Sony to be connected to their PlayStation accounts 24 hours a day.

Inside the app you can see all the notifications from the console itself, read messages from your contacts and friends, and browse through your invitations—in short, take all the social elements of PlayStation with you everywhere on your smartphone.

Even more interesting than these social features is the possibility to access the PlayStation Store directly from the app. Thanks to this, you can buy or download any videogame or software update from your mobile device to have it ready on your PS4 when you get home. The way it works will be very similar to the Sony Entertainment Network website, but in this case integrated into the app itself.


It’ll also be possible to chat with other users of the platform using your phone’s keyboard, or even use your phone as a secondary screen for games that support this feature.

Besides all this, the official PlayStation app lets you not only see all of your trophies, but also compare them with those of other players. Players can thus find out exactly which trophies they’ve won in a particular game that their friends still don’t have. And to add even more fire to the competition, it will show the percentage of players that have won a particular trophy.


  1. Hi, i just joined so hello. Im 48 and my son bought me a PlayStation 4, ive not played computer games since the ZX Spectrum in the early 80’s.

    My son downloaded a game called Battlefiled 3 or 4. Im suprised how good it all looks.

    Am I the worlds oldest video gamer?


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