Feedly, the tool now preferred by many after the demise of Google Reader, has been updated again, this time in its Android incarnation. The update includes various improvements that have made the feed reader much faster and far more visually appealing. Some of the changes are technical, while others relate more to its interface and look.


The new Feedly update brings along with it several juicy upgrades that make the RSS reader a much improved, stabler, and more comfortable tool for reading the news, with the latter development being the greatest cause for excitement among its users, in spite of the fact that its most noticeable improvement is that it now launches 300% faster.

Of the improvements and changes outlined on the reader’s official blog, the ones that will make the biggest difference for users are those that directly improve the interface and the reading of feeds, with better fonts that have been adapted to the Android Holo theme.


The previous update had revamped the sidebar and the full menu, allowing users to see a greater contrast between read and unread news items. The current version has carried on with the same line of improvement and now Pro users will also have the option to search for past news on the app, just as you can do on the website.

These changes undoubtedly make the reader a much smoother tool to use, winning Feedly a seat at the table as one of the best feed readers you can now get on your smartphone.

Download Feedly in Uptodown
Android version | http://feedly.en.uptodown.com/android
Windows version | http://feedly.en.uptodown.com/
iPhone version | http://feedly.en.uptodown.com/iphone
Ubuntu version | http://feedly.en.uptodown.com/ubuntu


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