The year is coming to an end, making it obligatory to review the most successful software that we’ve seen here on Uptodown in 2013. Android has undoubtedly been the star platform here, now comprising more than 35% of downloads on our site. Of this number, most of the downloads are video games. Below we present you with a list of the most downloaded Android games of 2013, along with a few choice titles from our editors.

Candy Crush Saga

Of course, there were no doubts about which game would top this list. The game based on aligning and crushing candies has become a social phenomenon. Buses and metro cars around the world are the training grounds, and no one is safe: both your daughter and your grandmother are equally likely to be hooked on the game from developer King, and nobody can really understand why. Though our colleagues over at TrenchPlay did have a go at explaining this phenomenon here.



Another phenomenon that has updated an old formula and adapted it to the modern day. The new Tamagotchi is shaped like a potato and you can buy it little outfits, feed it hamburgers, and play ball with it. In street stalls you’re now more likely to see Pou T-shirts than Angry Birds kit being sold.


Angry Birds

Against all ods, the pissed-off poultry from Rovio are still in the limelight, and even more so when you take into account that throughout this year we’ve been bombarded with sequels such as the Star Wars spinoff or the recent racing game Angry Birds Go! Even still, the most downloaded in our list remains the 2009 original. After all this time, these birds have still got it. Onwards and upwards!


Subway Surfers

The endless runner is another genre that’s really taken off on Android recently. Running through impossible scenarios while collecting coins and avoiding obstacles does have its appeal, and in this case, running from the police while dodging train cars has made Subway Surfers the most successful release in this sub-genre this year.


Fruit Ninja FREE

How it feels to interact with a touchscreen has a huge impact when it comes to making a video game successful. In the case of Fruit Ninja, the feeling of chopping a watermelon into pieces with your finger is basically inimitable, and has made this bestseller from 2010 one of the most played titles of the year, even three years after its release.


Jetpack Joyride

Another endless runner, but in this case in two directions. You will guide a man carrying a jetpack on his back through countless tunnels that are infested with danger. With each game you’ll win money to buy upgrades for your character while you try to beat your friends’ score. Nonstop fun!


Temple Run

The original infinite runner. Its pulp aesthetic puts you in the skin of an explorer fleeing a huge rock through Aztec ruins in the purest Indiana Jones style. The second part, which arrived at the beginning of the year, kept with the same formula, and it seems it still has a lot of track left to run (pun intended).


Real Football

The Real Football saga from Gameloft has been launching annual versions for smartphones since 2004 in an attempt to give the unshakeable dinosaurs of the genre, FIFA and PES, a run for their money. In view of the results, it seems that they’ve actually achieved this goal, and although its licenses are limited to just players and teams, it’s still an absurdly fun football simulator with various different gameplay modes.


Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Despicable Me was one of the most successful animated films of 2010, and its sequel, launched in 2013, has made even more of a splash, thanks above all to its minions. Gru’s crazy miniature hitpeople are the protagonists of this endless runner (last one!), although in this case the great diversity of scenes and objectives almost make it a collection of mini-games. A magnet for little ones!


The Sims Freeplay

EA Mobile has long been aiming to introduce a Free to Play version of the studio’s best-known saga. This installment of The Sims has a bit of everything that made the saga famous on PC, although with the addition of a mechanic that limits the number of actions you can make at a time, meaning that you’ll need to dedicate a bit of time each day to make your Sim’s life flourish.




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