It’s quite possible that you may have found yourself tagged recently in a Facebook post offering a code that supposedly lets you obtain the password for any of your contacts, although its mission is in fact quite different: what it really does is tag all your contacts in a post and subscribes you to a fanpage without your consent.

The header of the post where you’re tagged says the following:

Do you want to “hack” a friend—that is, get the password to somebody’s Facebook account? Take advantage of this vulnerability before they find out and fix it, it’s working NOW!

1. You must use Google Chrome
2. Go to the person’s profile
3. Press the F12 key
4. Go to the section/tab that says “Console”
5. Copy and post the following code <see below>, press <ENTER> and done!!! A pop-up window will open with that person’s password!!!

Or in other words, it gives instructions on how to inject code from the Chrome development console. As soon as you give said code a proper look, however, you’ll realize that what it really does is quite different from what it offers, instead tagging all your Facebook contacts in a post and Liking a specific page. If you want to check which page it is in particular, you just have to search for the string of numbers in the position we’ve indicated in the screenshot below and copy-paste it into the browser window with the following structure:[insert number]

In short, this fake hacking method is in fact a script to fraudulently get followers, something that Facebook can detect and can even result in the closure of the account that has made use of such tactics. As always, common sense is the best weapon to protect yourself from this sort of fraud.



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