There are thousands of apps out there for photo editing and some of them have options to decorate your images with stickers, give a more elegant look with filters, or even correct image flaws. But there are also others that, while original, yield some rather odd results. Here’s a ranking of the top ten to give you a few laughs.

Half human, half animal

Why worry about looking good in a photo when you can instead appear as a cross between a person and a bear? The tool Animal Face was released with the sole aim of replacing the head of a person in a photo with that of a wild animal, such as a tiger, lion, or panther. With a gallery of more than 20 options, you can look like any mammal you want no matter which position you take the photo from, as you’ll find stickers that face every direction.

animal face The ten weirdest Android apps for selfie-editing

The way Animal Face works is very simple: you just have to insert the face of the animal and adjust its position and size to your body. In addition, you can add a frame or a filter and share it on your social networks.

Time machines

If you often ask yourself what you’ll look like in a few years’ time and you’re a selfie-master, there are two tools out there to show you your future. FatBooth is an app that will add the—many—extra kilos you might put on as the years pass (with results that might inspire you to focus a bit more on healthy living). The program will import your photo and you just have to indicate where your eyes, mouth, and chin are, then press the button to get the photo.

Another app to age your selfies is Oldify, a tool very similar to the previous one with the difference that it doesn’t add kilos but years. Again, it doesn’t matter if the photo you import turns out badly: after you pass it through Oldify you’ll look even worse in terms of modern beauty standards. This app doesn’t just make you older; it also animates the photos so they speak for themselves, making the experience even more impactful.

oldify The ten weirdest Android apps for selfie-editing

Ill-advised makeovers

There are several apps that try to simulate the retouches you’d find in a professional editing suite, but instead of making you look like an Olympic god by removing all your human defects they make you look a bit like an alien. One of them is Plastic Surgery Simulator, which, as its name indicates, aims to perform plastic surgery on any photo stored on your phone. This tool applies three effects: increase, reduce, and adjust image details with an adjustable-size paintbrush. You can edit your photos by increasing the size of your eyes or cheekbones—but managing to achieve a natural look is rather another matter.

YouCam Perfect is another program with the same features that attempts to make your face beautiful with nearly-automatic adjustments. Standing out among its options is the ‘filter’ that tries to improve the shape of your face and eyes, refining your features and enlarging your eyes. You just have to worry about setting the desired intensity of the effect.

youcam perfect The ten weirdest Android apps for selfie-editing

Perhaps the most bizarre of all these apps is BimboBooth, an app that turns you into a blonde bombshell—or dud—painted in makeup up to the eyebrows. The program is as simple as the previous ones: you just have to snap the photo (or import it) and mark the key points on your face (your eyes, mouth, and chin).

Another tool focused on makeovers is Hair Color Studio, aimed at offering a new look in case you’re bored of your current one. This app lets you change your hair color with different intensities and shades so that it looks as real as possible. You can also add different accessories like scarves, hats, or sunglasses.

Comic fever

These two apps tinker a lot with the concept of the selfie as they’re aimed at turning your face into a drawing. MomentCam and Comic Camera are two quite entertaining programs that will turn you and your friends into Japanese comic-book characters or stars from movies, games, or TV shows—both with a style similar to a charcoal sketch. You just have to import or snap a photo and select which template you want to see your face in. MomentCam can also create manga animations with your new photos, and Comic Camera offers the necessary tools to change the head size and add accessories like different hairdos, sunglasses, beards, or mustaches.

moment cam The ten weirdest Android apps for selfie-editing

Finally, Otaku Camera is an app that makes your photos into a genuine comic strip thanks to its broad gallery of effects. This tool can do everything from ‘inserting you’ into a comic book scene with captions and dialogue balloons to turning you into a Super Saiyan or a giant robot.


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