The open front between IM services keeps getting bigger and adding new enemies to the battle. Now that users are worrying ever more about their privacy, the arrival of Telegram as a competitor in the sector has made big waves in a very short time. We’ve already told you how this tool works, which besides safeguarding your security is also completely free.

Although WhatsApp still leads its competitors by a wide margin in terms of number of users, it’s clear that there has been a shift in priorities in the market ever since the news hit of the NSA spying program on citizens and governments around the world.

While it’s true that there are many IM services out there, few of them have the features offered by Telegram. The infographic below comparing it with WhatsApp leaves quite clear which service is more secure and concerned about user privacy. It may be that this new offering falls to the wayside like so many other services that have tried to outdo WhatsApp, but given the incredible number of installs since its release, other competitors had better start planning to improve their encryption systems if they want to keep up.

Telegram vs Whatsapp



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