My go-to messenger app has gotten another of its lush updates. Yes, version 3.16 of Telegram has arrived brimming with new features, among them one that its users have been requesting for ages: the option to permanently delete messages. That’s right: no more headaches after firing off something that you instantly regret.

Telegram Android

Telegram takes the lead over WhatsApp once again with this update. Erasing those embarrassing messages forever is no longer a pipe dream. That said, you’ve got to do it within 48 hours or you’re stuck with them forever. This new feature can apply to both group and individual chats, so you can now breathe easy about sending messages without leaving a trace.

As usual on Telegram, the update also brings lots of other goodies to sweeten the user experience:

  • Compatibility with Gboard for use of GIFs.
  • Even shorter URL shortening with links to use in your profile, channel, public groups, or sticker packs.
  • The app remembers the latest position of the last chat you had open.
  • New “Report Spam” button for secret chats.
  • Support for new Unicode 9.0 emojis.
  • Quick action menus on your desktop for your frequent chats on Android 7.1 and up.
  • Faster sending of files and media, as well as other aesthetic improvements to browsing.

Telegram Android

But the update doesn’t stop there, as there are a couple more new bits that deserve a mention: the option to view recently downloaded files when you share one, and an options menu to view your Telegram usage statistics. The first improvement lets you keep your newest files always close at hand, which is super useful for quick sharing. And the option to view your data consumption on both WiFi and mobile networks is crucial for people on a tight data allowance, or those who just like to keep track of these sorts of things.

Telegram Android

We never get tired of singing Telegram’s praises. I just think it’s a bit underused when it’s probably one of the best online communication tools currently in existence. These improvements undoubtedly take the app one step closer to making us the user base even happier with it. This new update is already available for iOS and Android.

More info | Telegram Blog

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