Even with the success of WhatsApp and its millions of users, recent times have shown that the popular IM service isn’t as secure as it should be. There are many alternatives, but few are as genuine and truly interesting as Telegram, a new messaging app that safeguards your security and privacy, and that even offers the option to make your sent messages disappear within just a few seconds.

The program’s aims are totally clear and without fine print. This is a free app that does not include ads and is open-source, meaning that in addition to its versions for Android and iOS, unofficial apps have also sprung up for Windows Phone and even for desktop operating systems.


Registration is immediate, and you just have to type in your name and telephone number (and confirm beforehand using a valid code that will be sent to you for free by SMS), and then you can begin to use Telegram. And there’s no need to worry, since besides the extra options that I’m going to mention below, the rest is practically a clone of WhatsApp with regard to its interface, from the contacts book right down to the bubble chat windows.

And this is where things get interesting. In addition to being able to hold either one-to-one or group conversations that are encrypted and stored in the cloud (meaning that conversations are not stored locally on your device), it’s possible to have completely private conversations, with a quirky feature that makes them disappear within a specific time, and it’s impossible to copy the text from these conversations, not even with screen shots.


The service is so refined that even the notifications menu, when you receive a message sent through this private process, will simply display the message that “someone” has sent you “a text,” and you won’t know who until you unlock the phone and access the conversation itself. Of course, everything indicates that you can trust Telegram. Time will tell if it really will serve to make a dent in a market so saturated and oligopolistic. But everything seems to point in the affirmative, at least with regard to its credentials.


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