We refuse to rest in our battle to boost Telegram to its rightful place. Its latest update (2.6) is focused on offering new features for group chats, including the option to mention specific users in conversations, follow hashtags, and respond to specific messages on a timeline.

Like Twitter, Telegram’s new mentions system allows you to add handles preceded by an @ symbol, so that the user will receive a notification on their device even if they’ve silenced the group where you’ve sent the message. In groups that are excessively active, this feature is a real blessing.

telegram grupos 1 Telegram 2.6 adds useful features for group chats

Hashtags work in a similar way but with a much broader purpose, as you can filter a conversation history to display only messages that include the word in question. If it’s used properly, we have here an organization system that could be quite useful in the professional realm.

Finally (and also aimed at making those unwieldy group timelines more flexible), it’s now possible to respond to a particular message in a conversation, so you can keep a bit more control over the interweaving conversation threads.



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