If you enjoy enjoy cooking, then you’ve probably heard about the recipes from the channel BuzzFeed Tasty. Through its eye-catching videos, this company has managed to reach millions of homes around the world with its clear instructions to create delicious dishes. Now, the Tasty universe has reached Android devices, so you’ll always have delicious ideas to impress and surprise your guests or family at every meal. 


A simple interface with lots of possibilities

If Tasty stands out for one thing, its for offering tons of details that aim to enrich the user experience. The tool lets you select if you want to see all the recipes with all different ingredients, or if you want to follow a vegetarian diet.

The main menu in Tasty offers a simple design that lets you access recipes according to different parameters. For example, you can check out the most recently added recipes, see popular dishes, or access a tab where you can save your favorites. And if you’re looking for something quick and easy, you also have a section with recipes that are easy to make or use just a few ingredients.


Learn how to cook with eye-catching videos

All the recipes found in the app provide detailed explanations of each and every step. Creativity and brevity are the hallmarks of the videos from this channel. In just a few seconds, it’ll show you how to make each dish, in a clear and attractive way. Plus, you can also check out the steps you need to follow and the list of ingredients written below each video.

Tasty also offers the very interesting option to segment each video into steps so that you can follow along with the cooking process, without getting lost. All this makes it easy to have different original dishes ready in very little time, to surprise your dinner guests.


With Tasty, you have a high-quality app that can help you prepare delicious meals for any occasion. All you need is an Android device, the necessary ingredients, and motivation to show off your cooking skills.


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