In the world of gaming the evolution of the medium has always been thought to involve stoking up games’ graphics. There’s a long line of consoles whose main marketing appeal has been the number of items or polygons that they can move around the screen – games where “bigger and faster” are all that count to be considered superior. But this isn’t the definitive recipe for making a good gameTap Tap Dash is a clear example of this and offers great support for the motto “Less is more.”

Tap Tap Dash

A tap to the screen is all that’s needed in Tap Tap Dash. In this minimalist project from Cheetah Games you have to get through a maze replete with jumps and twists and turns. From your overhead perspective you’ll guide cute animals along the edge of an abyss while tapping the screen each time the game tells you to: that is, when a symbol appears in front of you to indicate when you have to tap the screen as well as the action you’ll do.

These symbols only indicate whether you jump or turn, but not everything is as simple as it seems. The videogame gets more and more complicated with each phase as the turns come closer and closer together, the speed of movement gets wild, and the motion of the camera makes your life impossible. These small adjustments increase the difficulty as you advance but never seem unfair – the difficulty curve in Tap Tap Dash is well put together. It’s all about the timing of your taps if you want to keep moving forward.

Tap Tap Dash

Tap Tap Dash is surprising in its simplicity. Little by little the game sucks you in until you find yourself obsessed with beating level after level. And there’s a proper marathon ahead of you, as for the moment it boasts some 2,000 levels. A free game for Android that – for a nice surprise – doesn’t get murky with excessive advertising, which is lucky because the number of times you’ll die could well lead to an endless spiral of constant ads. But this is definitely not the case and the amount of time between falling and the start of the next round is minimal, making the game flow nicely and keeping you from putting your phone down. In short, Tap Tap Dash is a fun, exciting, and addictive title. Its simple look might not make it seem like it, but when you least expect it you’ll be tapping nonstop. Which is exactly what a good video game should be like. 

Tap Tap Dash for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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