The first part of Taichi Panda was a dungeon crawler Free-to-Play with the typical gameplay that usually comes with an MMO. Open scenes along with free interaction among other players made it one of the best games on Android in 2015. The sequel maintains the same style but takes it to the next level by adding new dimensions of fun action games and exploration. Its soft launch just took place in some countries, but its now ready to download and play in pure APK format.


The game was developed by the studio at Snail Games following the footsteps of the previous chapter. So essentially, it’s an action video game where you control the character with a virtual pad while sticking to standard hack and slash combat. Getting through missions, gaining experience, and interacting with other players is the main goal here along with participating in group missions, going to events in PvP mode, and other team activities like building marketplaces and guilds.

The biggest and best change in this sequel is that there are now 19 characters to choose from in comparison with 6 in the previous game in this saga. You’ll get to change from character to character depending on which one has the best skills for each mission.  The open world out for you to explore is way bigger and you get that sense of caged freedom so well loved by MMORPG fans. Another great thing is how well adapted the open world format is to smartphones.  On the other hand, gameplay has become almost too simple. Now, you can make your character run automatically to mission points and attack with an automatic pilot.  I, the undersigned went up 150 levels with my character in Mu Origin practically without lifting a finger. It’s a good thing that this kind of gameplay is optional.

One way or another, the limitations -which overall are few and far between- are somewhat present throughout the game in the form of an “in-game” shop. Here you’ll have the chance to purchase healing items and resources that get your character to evolve faster. Given that the game is based on levels and stats it’s not hard to see that in the end you’re likely to succumb to paying your way up in order to gain access to certain content. Luckily, as is the norm among Freemium games that actually work, these transactions are totally optional and won’t really cause any barriers between standard users and VIPs. The only thing that they will do is get you through the levels to advance through the game a lot faster.

Taichi Panda: Heroes has not been fully released at an international level but its soft launch is out in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Which is why we have already got its APK that you are free to download and install without any regional restrictions, at all.



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