They’ve been telling us to do it for months now, but it’s finally been made official: from March 31 you’ll have to switch your TweetDeck account credentials to those associated with one of your Twitter profiles to log in to the client, regardless of the number of accounts you manage. A wizard will appear to help guide you through the process.

  • To start you have to go to “Start using Twitter login” in the settings tab at the lower left corner of TweetDeck.

  • It will ask you if the destination account is private or will be used by several people. It’s essential to specify this if you want to keep using the features for shared accounts.

  • Once you enter your email address and current password, the wizard will detect the number of accounts, columns, and scheduled tweets you have at that moment, so you won’t lose anything you had on your account.

  • Next you’ll need to enter your Twitter handle and password to set up the link.

  • A final confirmation tab will show you a summary of the steps you’ve just done. You’ll then be able to go to TweetDeck as usual without losing anything. That said, in our case several extra repeat columns appeared that we later had to delete, but everything that was there before was carried over intact.


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