We’re still in the throes of the battle for domination of the world of Android keyboards and each new update from one of the aspirants to the throne raises the stakes of the struggle. This time it’s SwiftKey who’s rolled out an update implementing quite an interesting customization element: the sound of keyboard taps.

SwiftKey android

It’s hard to innovate in a market as tight as the Android virtual keyboard one. Almost all the contender apps end up having the same features and it’s usually the little details, or personal preference in any case, that tip the balance toward one app or another. The popular SwiftKey keyboard has now added sounds to taps on keys. Remarkably, these were missing before but thanks to this change you can add another layer of customization.

SwiftKey tends not to go too long without adding novelties and this new feature fits that trend. You can pick from a total of four different sounds: Modern, Android, Traditional, and Beep – each with a totally different sound profile. The Modern mode, for example, sounds like wood blocks while the Traditional is reminiscent of a proper typewriter. Odd as it is that this option didn’t exist before, at least now we have no excuse to not try it.

SwiftKey android

Personally I’m not much of a fan of keypress sounds on virtual keyboards, but that doesn’t mean I think this update is a bad thing. It’s always a good thing when apps incorporate new features without reducing their performance  so props to SwiftKey. The option to fully customize our Androids is the real winner here and this new version of SwiftKey takes us one step further along that path.

More info | Blog de SwiftKey

SwiftKey Keyboard for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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