It’s easy to test if a game is trending or not by simply observing the number of copycat titles that attempt to repeat its success. That’s what’s happening now with PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS as a cohort of clones have appeared virtually overnight. We’ve already made a list of five alternatives to PUBG on Android, but Survivor Royale (also known as Wilderness Action) takes it to a whole new level. This new ‘Battle Royale’ game has everything from the original game, challenging you to survive a match with up to 100 players.

pubg clone android featured Survivor Royale brings the PUBG experience to a whole new level

Surviving for as long as possible is the goal of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, and its brightest stepchild Survivor Royale is no different. The gameplay will come as no surprise to those familiar with other Battle Royale titles: you are dropped from an airplane onto an island where you have to find enough weapons and equipment to survive for as long as possible. All of this while keeping in mind that the battlefield is constantly getting smaller, forcing the remaining players closer and closer. Survival isn’t easy, especially considering there are 99 other players ready jump at the first opportunity to end your life.

Wilderness Action

Although ‘bigger is better’ is never the best solution, the nice round number of 100 players in Survivor Royale isn’t just to show off. In addition to the survival mode that is in all games of this type, developer NetEase has included 2 more game types. In one, you have to survive the battlefield in pairs, and in the other, in larger squads. These extra game modes give flavor to this style of game, and help separate it from the crowd.

Wilderness Action

Survivor Royale is a compelling title for lovers of PUBG. The gameplay on Android is very satisfying thanks to its intuitive controls that have been adapted to touch screens and a graphics engine that will take your breath away – while you’re still breathing. All of this in addition to an enormous map, tons of weapons, clothing options, and vehicles means that we can’t recommend Survivor Royale highly enough. You can download it now for free from Uptodown.

Wilderness Action

Survivor Royale for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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