Here at Uptodown we like talking to you about apps and games of all stripes. We know you don’t just want to hear about the latest news or trendy game – you’re also looking for little gems hidden in our Android catalogue. Luckily, our job is to dig them out and show them to the world. Alive In Shelter is a title with a retro look and feel that brings a new premise to the survival genre on Android.

Alive In Shelter

The game starts with a brief note: “Bob! Hurry up and grab all the supplies you can! Katrin.” After tapping on it you’ll hear an alarm and a countdown ticking continuously. If you tap either side of the screen you’ll discover it take takes you into the different nearby rooms, where you’ll discover items to collect by tapping. Unfortunately, if time runs out, a nuclear explosion leaves you fried with a sad “Game Over.” Alive in Shelter sets the tricky tone from the first few beats so you know the rest of this game won’t be easy.

Alive In Shelter

Once you figure out that you have to collect as many objects as possible from the various rooms and make it to the basement before time’s up, you’ll properly start the game. Alive in Shelter sets you the task of surviving as many days as possible in your bunker with all the objects you’ve got stockpiled. Combine them to make new creations, plant food, or even make your own distillery. Be warned that you’ll likely have a hard time figuring all this out in your early rounds, though. Normally you’ll find yourself dead after a few days of trial and error. And so on and on, until you start getting the hang of things and realize which objects you need to collect at all costs.

Alive In Shelter hides its brilliance behind a blur of pixels. This small marvel will drive you mad like no other game before it, but delivers proper moments of glory once you learn how you can (try to) survive. And that’s not even mentioning the bizarre gallery of characters you’ll find along the way. One tip: don’t forget to rescue the son in the family, who you also have to collect in the first phase of the game.

Alive In Shelter for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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