A discussion about soccer games tend to lead to the typical debate between FIFA and PES fans. What’s interesting is that this age-old discussion is different in the mobile world due to the huge variety of games that exist. And although many of them are simple copies of these two classic franchises, there’s still room for surprise, as we’ve seen in other games. The game we’re here to talk about today takes this same path: SUPER SOCCER is a fun sports game with great graphics and a gameplay that’s somewhat different from what we’re used to seeing. 


It’s not easy to find SUPER SOCCER. Basically, it’s because the game is completely in Chinese, it’s still under development, and it has not yet reached the regular channels. We were lucky to discover it so that you can play it without any geographic restrictions, since it is a real gem among a sea full of soccer games. Although it’s still in beta, the title can be played perfectly. And the most surprising thing of all is that it’s not a simple clone: SUPER SOCCER has the official FIFPro license, so you can play with Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Benzema, and tons of other soccer stars.


On a technical level, the game shines thanks to its high-quality visuals and a fluidity that high-end devices will thoroughly enjoy. The controls are the usual, but one of the most interesting features in SUPER SOCCER is in its goal-shooting system: when you touch the button to shoot, you’ll have to choose the direction of your shot in a small goal which you’ll see in the lower right corner. This is unique in a genre where we’ve practically seen it all, and it adds an extra layer of depth to the gameplay.


As usual in most games for mobile devices, SUPER SOCCER has tons of different game modes. Not only can you play against the AI, there’s also a long list of people waiting to play a match against you. The rounds that we’ve tried out went pretty well, although we suppose that it all depends on your internet connection. In our gameplay video, you can get a more detailed idea. That said, we recommend playing on WiFi, so your data plan doesn’t get sucked down the drain.

Don’t worry if you see that the logos or the names of the teams aren’t completely right, since it’s a lot like what happens in Pro Evolution Soccer: having the FIFPro license gives you endless players and selections, but not all teams join it. But this is really just a minor detail, since the important part is the gameplay and here, and the title shines so brightly, you’ll be blinded by its greatness.

SUPER SOCCER has made a great impression on us, and that’s considering it’s only available in Chinese for now. Hopefully the game will cross boarders soon and reach more places around the world. If it does, it could definitely compete with the other soccer games on Android.

SUPER SOCCER Android 2019

SUPER SOCCER for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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