One defining characteristic of the Android market space is the tremendous number of apps available in it. Diving around so many tools looking for just the right one to install on your device can be a bit bewildering, which is exactly why we here at Uptodown try to pick out apps that really shine. Even when we concentrate on music streaming apps, the number is still astonishing. The kings of the mountain are pretty to clear to everybody (Spotify, iTunes) but behind them comes a big entourage of apps from which proper little gems emerge now and then. Such is the case of Shuffly Music, a free app to stream music without registering and with no ads.

shuffly music featured Stream music – and do it without registering anywhere

Shuffly Music stands out for its freewheeling personality that spurns ads. If you’re not super keen on creating accounts to listen to a bit of music, this app should be right up your alley. Based on the online catalogues from SoundCloud, Fanburst, and Jamendo, Shuffly Music gives you different options for listening to tunes: either searching for music yourself or letting the app recommend songs by genre or a mood you pick yourself.

Another feature that grabs the attention in Shuffly Music is that when you select a song to play, the streaming service creates a list of songs similar to your pick using the recommendations engine from LastFM. In short, we’re looking at an app that brings together features from the most popular music streaming services into an ad-free interface that won’t cost you a dime. 

Shuffly Music

Plus you can further refine your searches and recommendations by screening certain genres off your list, all based on simple tags. And as if all that weren’t enough, it also has lists of hits from the sites mentioned above as well as iTunes and Spotify.

shuffly music screenshot 2 Stream music – and do it without registering anywhere

Shuffly Music is one of the simplest and friendliest options for streaming music you can find. Its smooth handling is one more good thing to add to its long list of virtues, all of which are worth keeping in mind when you go to choose a music streaming service. It’d be hard to find a smoother experience.

Shuffly Music for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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